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Standown 6th December 2018 12:43 PM

Directshow issues with bsplayer pro273.1083
I have recently been unable to run either video or audio receiving a Directshow is not installed message 0x004

I have never had an issue with BSPlayer and now it seems to occur in any version of Windows I have installed. I use Windows 10 but have access to various version (from LTSB, LTSC to normal ones).

ALL give me the same error, I have tried it in VMWare to test these installations. I have tried with windows updates and without. Installed Directx, various codecs etc. I have registered Quartz.dll. Still no avail. It is currently useless.

I have downloaded various version of the software since I still think I am getting a corrupted version from the BSPlayer site, Done it with opera, chrome, explorer, Firefox and still nothing. T

This is getting extremely frustrating and this is my last attempt until I abandon this software.

Thanx in advance for any help

Standown 6th December 2018 03:27 PM

I have message technical support about this and the solution that I was given was to re-install and copy and paste my registration number (???) and install into the default directory. I am really not sure what to think about this technical answer. Can anyone explain in case I am missing something.

First of all obviously I have entered the right serial and second I have installed this software numerous times now. Surely I am missing something if this is the resolution. Iam genuinely looking for an answer and trying my best to get this resolved as I use this software daily.

adicoto 10th December 2018 11:30 AM

Did you install, uninstall other software before the error came up ? This sounds like a corrupted DirectX.
Which version of Windows are you using ?
Have you tested other rendering options ( Options -> preferences -> video -> rendering method) such as EVR or Internal renderer(default) ?

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