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nk 14th February 2004 01:03 AM

bsplayer drops a few frames when playing sometimes... and if it happens, it happens in random intervals (2 to 5 secs), until I restart bsplayer.

after restarting, it might or might not play the video flawlessly. if it doesn't, i'd have to restart bsplayer again and again, until it finally plays the video right... i'm not sure what causes this.
(xpsp1, dx9.0b, ffdshow, reclock)

something's really wrong here... media player classic doesn't do that. another thing mpc does better: when continuing playing after pause, bsplay needs about a second for whatever it does... i dont know... doesn't look very efficient to me. like the audio plays but the movie is still paused for a second, you know. mpc doesn't have any sync problems or delays... and viplay can do it better as well. viplay first starts the movie, then the audio, and there's no problems.

anyway, these are the main things that are bugging me about bsplay. i hope they'll be fixed soon. keep up the good work!

BSPeter 14th February 2004 01:37 AM

Does another setting of "Process priority" (under Options > Preferences > General; bottom part at middle) make any difference?
Is this occurring with any specific type of movie? (check with GSpot; see 2nd item of my Help to Help post (link hereunder)).

nk 14th February 2004 01:51 AM

hmm.. now suddenly video plays before audio.... weird...

anyway i've changed the priority to normal and it helped, i think!


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