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Mucreio 5th May 2004 02:00 AM

First of all, thanks for this great software, my favorite player and I use as default in my computer.

I'm used to run eMule in background and play movies using BS.

Since I updated BS Player to this new version, when eMule complete the queue, BS stop working.

It will not show the screen, just a messy horizontal stripes. The sound is ok.

Even quitting eMule and freeing memory, the image come back.

Others player, like Real, Media Player, Winamp works well even with eMule turned on.

I need to restart the computer and when eMule is 100% running, the problem repeat again.

I did not installed any other software recently.

Does somebody knows how to fix it?

Best regasds,

Mucreio :lol:

xb00t 5th May 2004 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by Mucreio
It will not show the screen, just a messy horizontal stripes. The sound is ok.

I'm running eMule and the player (1.00 RC1 Build 808)works just fine. The "messy horizotal stripes" are probably made by bad codecs. Try this:

1. Uninstall all codecs
2. Uninstall BS
3. Restart
4. Install BS
5. Install codecs
6. Restart

What I recommend is K-Lite Codec Pack. I never had problems with it :). If you dont like codec packs its your problem. :P

Mucreio 5th May 2004 02:36 PM


Thank you for replying. I thought about codecs conflicts but when I looked at BS folder I used to download the aplication I saw two of them. One is "bsplayer100.808" and other "bs100.808upg". The second one I don't remember downloading it. So I unintalled and installed just the first two times.

It's working good know or is just a matter of time to crash again.

I will take your advise if its became erradically again, but I have one question:

If I uninstall the codecs from "add/remove software" in control panel I will be removing ALL the codecs or I must look for them in another folder? I'm asking because I installed a lot of them and looks like were more then the few ones shown in that particular window (add/remove)



adicoto 5th May 2004 03:36 PM

Basically, all codecs you have installed can be uninstalled. SOme from Control Panel's Add\remove, some from start->programs. But I tend to believe you have installed codecpacks and not individual codecs.
Codecpacks usually come with a lot of codecs, most of them not needed, and sometimes with conflicts. They are well intended but sometimes is better not to use them.
Try to read here:

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