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The_Maniac 13th May 2004 05:13 PM

Skins keep resetting
I'm using the latest version of bsplayer (build 808), about half the time when I open a movie bsplayer resets to the default skin (I usually have it set to "showtime v1.4 PH".

running winXP home, open the movies just by double clicking on the file in explorer.

any suggestions?


rmbl 13th May 2004 07:36 PM

Same problem here
I have the same problem with the same skin "showtime v1.4 PH" which was on the previous version too and upgrade to 808 didn't helped :(
I am not sure for 100% but have a feeling that this happens only when new file is different type from the last one played.
Running WinXP Pro SP1

thanks in advance.

bxxxb 13th May 2004 10:00 PM


quick solution:
1.go to dir webteh/bsplayer/skins and rename default(base) skin to base_old and then give the name "Base" to skin you want.2. from preferences choose base skin.

Mark Blue 14th May 2004 12:43 PM

I am having the same problems too. Seems like everytime I open up BS Player I get the "Base" skin instead of the one I logged off with. I am sure it is some sort of "little" bug. Everything else seems to be in good working order!

BSPeter 24th May 2004 11:53 PM

Unfortunately no-one mentions the date of build 808 they use.
There has been an updated 808 build on 30-04-2004, in which this "feature" (under Win-XP?; don't use Win-XP myself) should be repaired.

Green 25th May 2004 08:31 AM

Perhaps that fix was for the right-click menu navigation where skins in the options menu didn't point to the correct configuration directory?

Build 808, 30 April 2004
Updated from 27 April by patch.

The skin rename trick is a good workaround in this case, but please look into the "Directory for Captured Images" bug, as it seems to be related IMO to this skin bug. For when the skin reverts to the Base skin, the "Directory for Captured Images" reverts to C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSPlayer.

Thus about every other few weeks I need to clean out the ~50 screencaps from that default directory,.. but not screencapped by desire, as they were randomly capped with a double left-click to fullscreen the video window. (Random feature perhaps? :lol: )

Loopdemack 5th June 2004 02:24 AM

I have same problems with "resetting skin to default" or to "base skin", I am using latest bsplayer. Its not problem with one skin I tried 15 skins but specific I like windvd2++ and they keep backing to base skin, which I don't like, sorry.
I saw one thing, whit some files, "especially" played from my home network I can reproduce this "reset to base skin", every time.
On my local hard drives, its in most time bug free, from this problem..

Beside this problem and some problems with subtitles and vobsub subtitle displayer and some problems playing some vob DVD files , bsplayer is greatest and life saving media player on the world and in all universe, if you need it there, play it on bsplayer.

Bsplayer keep up with good work.

P.S. One question how can I disable base skin completely from bsplayer , I tried to delete base in skin dir but it has no effects ,I need advice.

BSPeter 15th June 2004 10:11 PM

Quote from Changes.txt file included in Version 1.00.809 (nightly build):
- Sometimes skin would revert back to base skin, should be fixed now

BSPeter 16th June 2004 02:36 PM

Build 809 now available as full regular build
(= not only by way of a file-update as "nightly build")

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