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Gill 22nd August 2002 09:35 PM

Grey Screen in playing ASF files But OK Sound
1. I like the Program -> Great Program!!!!!!!!
2. When Playing Asf files I got Grey Screen And A good Sound. Those files are OK with Media Player 7 (Win2K)
My COnf: Pentium 4, NVida 2 , 256MB RDRAN ...
I have tried to change the CtrlP-> Overlay from 1 to 2 But The program Crash. Also , when I have tried to change to Force 24 BIts ort If I completely Eliminate the use of Overlay!!! All Give the same results No Video Only Sound!

BUT:!!!! When I installed the ffdshow-20020617.exe BSplay was showing The Asf video!!! The downsize of this that The qulity of the Asf result Are VERY VERY BAD As compared to The same file on Media Player. Also The Frame rate dropped from 30fps to around 5 And I got A very Big Blocks on the picture The 8 By 8 pixels. Its completely Unacceptable to look.

3. Also Can You recomend me on mpeg-2 codecs to install in order to lokk on mp2 files with bsplay ?

Thanks In advance.!!

Matimott 23rd August 2002 09:07 AM

I don't know what codec the player use when playing asf files... but try to see, in the video menu -> properties of the video codec : if you can set the brigthness contrass saturation, then reset it the their normal value.
I know that it happens sometimes for divx movie.

Hope it Helps

Gill 23rd August 2002 11:46 AM

The Change In Brughtness solve the problem!!!
Thank You Very Much!
The codec FOr the ASF In microsoft Way Is MPEG4 Decoder.
I just rese it to defualt Values.!!!! And Perfect!!! Bingo All works!!!!

I was not aware before that The Brightness+Contrast+Saturation+Hue was all set to 0. You really gave me the solution!!! I Am back in valuing bsplay as the best All around player even in its current Version, Using The Commands by Keyboard is A great value for someone coming from SGI Irix world (The Unix World Is you don't know)

Again Thnx!

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