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Utwig 14th June 2004 05:05 PM

Matrox Parhelia/PowerdeskHF, Video not maximizing properly

Tyan TigerMPX, Phoenix BIOS 4.06 (lattest), AMD 760MPX chipset, 2x AthlonXP (MP) @ 2.26GHz, 512MB RAM

Windows XP Professional SP1, all updates as of today
Chipset drivers - from Windows XP, except ATA drivers 1.43 from AMD

DirectX version 9.0b
Matrox Parhelia 128MB AGP4x bulk
Graphixs BIOS: 1.8 - 34 (lattest)
Driver version:

BS Player version: 1.0 RC1 build 808

Display setup: 2x 17" CRT in independant mode on Matrox Parhelia (2 x 1024x768 @ 32-bit colour). Windows Taskbar on primary monitor (left).

Problem: When setting video in full screen mode in BSPlayer, the taskbar is shown, over the video or black backround (in case of video not being 4:3 ratio)

When one moves the taskbar to other monitor, the area where the taskbar was is shown (desktop wallpaper instead of video or black background).

If one changes resolution (and perhaps resets remembering window positions in Matrox Powerdesk drivers) to something else and then back to 1024x768, the video maximizes properly.

Other media players (PowerDVD 5.0, Windows Media Player 9.0) don't exhibit this behaviour.

The workarround is to open PowerdeskHF*, go to Desktop Management->Application specific settings, add BSPlayer and uncheck Maximize Windows in specific display.

I also posted this on official Matrox Tech Support forums. Unfortunately BS Player is not mainstream, so currently any problems with it have low priority compared to PowerDVD and Windows Media Player, which are officially supported players by Matrox.

If you want to conact me to test any changes made (I'm from Slovenia, but since the forum is in English....), my e-mail is in profile.

*** Powerdesk HF = Matrox drivers (similar as Catalyst = Ati, Forceware = nVidia, ....)

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