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Sousuke 13th October 2002 01:47 AM

Subtitles wont work: XP and vobsub involved
Here is the issue.
I used to have winME and ran bsplayer 084 along with VOBsub to watch my anime.

A normal anime ep would come with its subitle files in this format:
nadesico ep1.avi
nadesico ep1.sub
nadesico ep1.idx
nadesico ep1.ifo

So whenever i ran the avi file, vobsub automatically loaded and loaded the subtitles.

Now I have XP and this is what happened:
whenever i double click on the avi file, bsplayer would load, vobsub would load but in the middle of the loading process bsplayer would just autoclose itself.

I upgraded bsplayer to see if that was the problem, but then isntead of autoclosing, bsplayer would just throw an error message.


Quietseb 14th October 2002 07:02 PM

vobsub 2.18 and bsplayer 0.85.490 ?

(vobsub 2.15 and higher won't work with bsplayer less than 490;
bsplayer 0.85.490 won't work with vobsub 2.14 and below)

Sousuke 14th October 2002 10:15 PM

:D DUDE thanks a lot fot that little detail!

it works!!! IT WORKS!!!!

Quietseb 15th October 2002 07:49 AM

you're welcome ;)

Sousuke 4th May 2003 10:44 PM

The problem persists now with windows 2000
Ok for some reasons this same problem hunts me down no matter to what OS i go too. Im now using windows 2k and i get the same issue, subtitles that use: .idx and .sub files dont show.

I get this error using BSPlayer 490 and night build 494 (no matter what version of VObsub i use (2.18 or 2.23): Acces violation of address 00497880 in module bplay.exe. REad of address 0000000

eventhough i can watch the avi or ogm file the subs wont show, and vobsub actually loads too...

somebody hElP!!!

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