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OBTS 17th July 2004 06:58 AM

I'm new. Audio problem. Please help
OK, first things first. I am sorry for introducing myself with a problem//complaint, BSplayer is my player of choice. I wish I knew how to work the software better.

2.) I guess I should get my specs out of the way
I have an old machine
Athlon AMD 800 MHz.
Tnt2 video card.
XP sp2 RC2.
As for codecs/players I use

Kazaa-lite mega codex pack 1.03 with the basic options
bsplayer 1.00.809; media player classic; DivX pro 5.1.1 decoding/encoding; Xvid 1.0.1 2004-06-05 de/encoding; 3ivx D4 4.5.1 de/encoding; win media 7/8/9; on2 vp2 and vp6 de/encoding; ligos indeo 5.2; intel indeo 4.5 and 3.2; huffyuv; ms mpeg-4; elecard/ligos package; quicktime and realtime substitutes; mp3; ac3(direct show); ac3(acm); oog vorbis; aac; musepack; voxware; monkey's audio; lame mp3 encoder; oog vorbis direct show filter.

I installed the latest version of quicktime over that because the 3ivx website said it was required.

3.) My problem. I recently downloaded a movie file around 1.XX gig large with the extension I tried to play it in BSplayer and it plays video just fine but it has no audio. I thought it might be a new format I didn’t have so I went and googled 3ivx, found their website, and installed their windows codec. Their site said that I needed QuickTime so I tried to play the file with the QuickTime substitute (ms player classic) with no avail. I downloaded QuickTime and with QuickTime the movie plays with both audio and video, and it has a selection in the beginning for an audio track to play. I would have stopped there but the video is sketchy, skipping a frame or two every few seconds.

I would like to play it in BSplayer because things seem to run a lot more smoothly.

4.) I have tried going into options->preferences->audio. And messed with the 2 check boxes and dropdowns in that screen. other than that. I really don’t know what to do. I searched the forums but I don’t think I used the right keywords.

5.) I am looking for any tips really. A place to start so I may become more knowledgeable and maybe find the answer on my own would be nice. A debug check list so I could give you more info. Or just a solution :D . I am not too familiar with audio/video ripping/encoding/decoding. Any tips/help are appreciated.

Sorry if I come off �noob’ please don’t bust my chops. Thanks for your time.

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