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Sarevok 23rd July 2004 11:53 AM

need help! >=(
when im watching some movies the picture wont stand stil, its like shaking like hell....its not all movies just some, and when i tried another program to see if the same thing happened there, it did not :( but with that program i cant get the sub title to work, anyone got any ideas on how to fix my problem?

BSPeter 24th July 2004 11:03 AM

Re: need help! >=(

Originally Posted by Sarevok
anyone got any ideas on how to fix my problem?

For starters it would help if you would give a wee bit more information.
E.g. give some information on your PC (CPU / graphics card) and also please let us know which codec/filters are used by BSPlayer when
the "shakin' movie" (not an Elvis Presley movie I presume? :lol:) in question is playing
(rightclick > Options > Filters > Advanced)
(Please also see my general Help-to-help post linked hereunder)

adicoto 24th July 2004 02:04 PM

Usually it hapends when using an older XviD decoder on newer versions of XviD encoders. So try ro update the XviD codec.


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