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Animal 16th August 2004 02:39 PM

bsplayer100.810.exe contains VIRUS!!!! = F A L S E ALARM
The virus is found with the bsplayer100.810.exe download
The virus found is called, Troj/Multidr-KE
Which is a trojen, trojen are generally found to remote access tools to steal information from other peoples computers.
below is a link to an antivirus database so you can see for your self

My computer does not contain any known virus as it is kept up to date with the latest windows updates and Antivirus updates.

This virus was descovered on 16/08/04 from downloading bsplayer100.810.exe directly from and was intercepted before it became available on my hard drive.

scorp76 16th August 2004 03:55 PM

I scanned mine n dont see anything.

Tinkerbell 16th August 2004 04:38 PM

Same with Sophos:
Intercheck denied access due to Trojan: Troj/Multidr-KE

The bsplayer100.810.exe was downloaded with the Download-Button of

A scan of the whole System received no further warnings, so i assume, system is safe.

Is it a false alarm, due to reprogramming of the render-engine?

...will try some cross-scans on an isolatet system...


djole 16th August 2004 04:57 PM

Not only that.

It triggered alarm (false, I suspect) on old installers and existing uninstaller.

Same goes for GSPOT.

Animal 16th August 2004 05:04 PM

Virus update
ok I use sophos, the IDE for this virus was released today, so if it is a virus the protection from it is very new.

"Protection available since 16 August 2004 11:33:28 (GMT)" -sophos

Description of virus

Troj/Multidr-KE extracts and runs several files.
Two of these are detected as Troj/Sysme-A and Troj/Dloader-BA. The others are adware related.

Troj/Sysme-A is a Trojan.
When executed, the Trojan installs a registry entry to run itself on system startup and attempts to download a file from a specific webserver.
Troj/Sysme-A may email information out from the infected computer.

Troj/Dloader-BA is a downloader Trojan.
When executed it will attempt to download and run a file from a webserver.


Animal 16th August 2004 05:15 PM

virus update
Type, Trojan
Vulnerable operating systems, Windows
Side effects, Drops more malware

Type, Trojan
Vulnerable operating systems, Windows
Side effects, Uses its own emailing engine
Downloads code from the internet
Installs itself in the Registry
Aliases, PWS-Sysme

Type, Trojan
Vulnerable operating systems, Windows
Side effects, Downloads code from the internet


djole 16th August 2004 06:28 PM

OK, Sophos updated it.
Not that they care to mention it on their site, but...

Seems it was a false alarm after all.

in the meantime, in Athens, CRO-SLO 27-26 (goals), 1-0 (broken noses)
Seems they watched the match, then went back to business.

Eyael 25th August 2004 06:14 PM

I once encountered a similar problem with another software and Avast antivirus. It turned out the exe was clean and it was a false alarm. I reported it to Avast and they corrected the antivirus.

One thing you can do is not to set your antivirus as resident and then download BSPlayer.

Hope it helps!

vinisantos 8th August 2014 04:27 PM

McAfee Enterprise

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