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Garet_Jax 12th September 2004 08:54 PM

full screen mode with snap on
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If you want to see the bug "snap player window to screen edges" option must be turned on. Then:

1) open a movie in normal window (non-fullscreen)
2) drag it so it will snap to right screen edge. Using left window border make it bigger until it snaps to left screen edge too.
3) Situation should look as shown on pic A, which means:
- movie window width is smaller the screen width
- but it's almost as big as screen width, so both left and right edge want to snap to screen edges - here emerges a conflict which result in:
4) double click window to change to full screen mode. What you should get is something like pic B. You can actually see the left border (I also managed, by moving window up and down, to make the bottom border visible). So BSplayer is not in full screen mode, but it acts like in one:
- I can turn on the fullscreen skin (see pic),
- I can't move movie window,
5) you can now try to resize window using left (or bottom if you see it) edge of window - you will succeed.
6) also when you see both, bottom and left edge you can use corner to resize, and get something like on pic C.


bst 14th September 2004 08:19 AM

This should be fixed in latest version.

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