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tub0rg 11th October 2004 06:14 PM

Bsplayer v1.02.812 Unhandled exception at EIP 715f0fd5
Hi there,

I get this error massega since a couple of days when i try do run some files (other files work fine, cant track it down to 1 codec though).
Even though i actually dont believe that bsplayer is the cause of this it is as far as i can tell the only prog affectet.
Tried to unregister and register the dlls didnt help....
Exact error code:
Access violation at address 715f0fd5 In module AcLayers.dll Read Of Address 00897bc8
0x00542673, 0x00542871, 0x004553c3, 0x0044c70e,
0x77d13a5f, 0x77d13b2e, 0x77d17419, 0x77d2ba3f,
0x004b9ef9, 0x0044c70e, 0x77d13a5f, 0x77d13b2e,
0x77d13d6a, 0x77d141fd, 0x00544240, 0x77e5eb69

Oh nearly forgot Windows Xp Pro Edition

btw:You should get the error massege text copy and pastable its a pain in the ass to write down a memory address ^^


majk_tajsam 12th October 2004 03:16 PM

tub0rg 14th October 2004 05:01 AM

I Found the problem and i had nothing to do with the Microsoft bug report... I found that too when i was looking for the .dll file but since the bug report is about a fatal error and the bsplayer worked fine before i didnt install it.... anyway
It was the divx codec i must have fucked it when i was running 3 movies at once, 1 instance was the wmp guess hes the guilty one ^^
i still dont get the error bsplayer was giving me sooooooo if anyone get this wierd report try to reinstall the divx codec worked for me...


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