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morbid_angel 4th January 2005 09:26 AM

Long subtitles are not fully shown
I have a problem with BSplayer not showing subtitles that have many lines. It only shows the first 3 lines or so, the rest never comes up.
I tried most of the subtitle options but coudn't get it to work.

I hope someone can help me.

BSPeter 4th January 2005 11:02 AM

BSPlayer presently shows max 3 lines.
Living in a "real subtitle-country" I've hardly ever seen subs of 3 lines (e.g. on TV, cinema and/or commercial DVDs) and surely I've never ever seen subs of over 3 lines. In my opinion decent subs are max 2 lines, otherwise they lose their function.
This is just my opinion; perhaps bst, who is the maker of BSPlayer, will nevertheless have an open ear to your wish and increase the present maximum of 3 lines shown. Well have to wait and see!

morbid_angel 4th January 2005 11:11 AM

oh, i see, there's a limitation.
it's probably very rare indeed that more than 3 lines are used for subtitles, but they are in the beginning of Shoah (Claude Lanzmann) because there's a scrolltext on screen.
well, i can live with that, i read out the text to the people watching to work around the limitation :)

thanks for your answer.

adicoto 4th January 2005 04:19 PM

I also live in a country based on subtitles, I am a subtitle creator/translator. I have seen once a 3 row subtitle line, but just once. It is not a fault for BSPlayer, your subtitle is a little bit out of ordinary.

XelaG 19th January 2005 02:47 PM

I have encountered quite a few cases of 4, 5 or more lines (up to 10 in one case, which was very ugly!). This happens regularly in Japanese anime movies. Not only BSPlayer does not show them, but when editing the SRT file in the subtitle editor the extra lines get removed without a warning, so I first have to check the whole SRT file visually with notepad, which is a pain. Whether it is good or bad practice to have more than 3 lines is in my opinion not very relevant: SubRip correctly produces them without limiting the number of lines.

So in my opinion it would be good if:

1) in the subtitle editor - if lines get chopped off, to add a warning at the relevant line (and a general warning so that one does not overwrite the original)

2) preferably, not to remove lines in the editor.

3) similarly as (2), to allow BSPlayer to show all lines.

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