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trodas 5th January 2005 05:30 PM

mpeg2 + WinDVD6.00.6 filter + overlay mode2 = crash
Since WinDVD v6 GUI and UI suxx like hell, I want (for subtitles too) use BSplayer for mpeg2 HDTV video too. (BSplayer rules!)

I did not have any conflict with decoders, tought using filers from WinDVD v6.00.6 give me only half the height size output.
Source is HDTV mpeg2 stream, typicaly 1920x1080 pixels :roll:

I have no idea what is going on, honestly :? :(

DVDsubber can use the WinDVD filters pretty well for DVD decoding... hang on, what about try HDTV in DVDsubber too?

Damn, crash on Floating point division by zero. Same happens when I try BSplayer to play a HDTV mpeg2 with set any other video render type that overlay1 :evil: Damn!

Dunno what is going on. I tried even the other option, VMR-9, but still the same ugly nasty crash as when triing mode2 :? :(

What is going on out there? :roll:

WinDVD filters are the only one usable filters for the HDTV - they mask well the 8 gray lines bellow the image (the image is encoded at 1920x1088, however the last 8 pixels has to be masked out, othervise there is the ugly grey thing...) - and I can't use them in BSplayer? WTH?!

adicoto 5th January 2005 06:41 PM

Am I wrong, or this is your 3rd identical post ?

trodas 6th January 2005 10:12 PM

You are wrong :wink:

trodas 24th January 2005 11:51 PM

Now I tried the same with latest v1.10 :wink:

...results with trying mode2 overlay for mpeg2 HDTV video are the exactly same.

Futhermore I noticed that the framerate is crazy: should be sual NTSC 29.970fps and, as previously, using the WinDVD 6.0 DXVA B06.083, the picture is stretched verticaly to helpf of their size. From the middle of screen to the bottom (full screen play), there is simply nothing. The top part contains the video.
Detonators 45.28 used.

Anyone else run into THIS problem so far??? :roll: :oops: :?:

PS. the skin is my for v1.x of BSplayer conversion of the org. xr4y, rework to v1 by trodas :D

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