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dgosman 4th December 2002 10:59 AM

Xvid codec, solution
Just a little note.

A new and populair codec is the xvid codec (

I was searching for a solution, because the xvid encoded movie blinked and freezed in my bsplayer .

Maybe this is something for the faq's.

The solution is the following.

You should switch off overlay mode in your player .



trodas 4th December 2002 03:05 PM

For me, Xvid movies playing perfectly there.
Latest BSplayer.
For decoding i used first orginaly Xvid decoder, later and now FFD filters.
Win2k SP3.
Detonators 23.11 on GF2Ti.

bluedan 9th December 2002 07:21 PM

XVid isn' that new anymore, though it is still under heavy development. In its current state there are two different branches of development, one of it aiming for stable release versions while the others target is to finalize implementation of B-frames, global motion Compensation and QPel as a experimental (test) build.
I wonder, if this has a meaning to anyone of you anyway...
Normally, XVid should be no problem at all for the player,truly it hasn't been for over a year, AFAIK!!
So if this is an unknown source of video material (piracy??), or you or a friend were very experimental with latest experimental version, then you may run into problems with playback indeed.
Other possible reasons: check if it only occurs in bsplayer. If not, then bsplayer is not to blame.
If using ffdshow try to set decoding under Codecs tab to XVid, because decoder coming with XVid Codec installation should handle it most properly.
If every effort is useless, do codec install again:
How powerfull is your engine? If for instance you owe an Intel PII@500MHz you could hardly watch an XVid movie with B-frames and/or QPel, especially at high resolution.Anyway if movie resolution is higher than 640x480, there are even playback problems without b-frames and such...
From your posting I cannot conclude anything, and BTW, turning off overlay is not a good idea if you want subtitles...
Be more precise.

vio_man 9th December 2002 10:21 PM

This problem with the XviD codec only occurs with nVIDIA Detonator XP 40.72 or later. Using 29.42 version all movies played fine using overlay.
Disabling overlay, no subtitles :(
I think that RadLight Player has the same problem.

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