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Tizio 27th February 2005 10:40 AM

BUGS BSplayer Pro build 817:
- If after exiting Capture mode, is selected a channel in the Playlist, an error occours:
"Access violation at address 005201F3 in module 'BSPLAYER.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF."

Once BSplayer exits capture mode, Playlist should be cleared or at least if selecting (opening) a channel, the open device window should be shown.
In my opinion the first solution is better (Playlist should be cleared once BSplayer exits capture mode).

- If the previous reported bug occours, and playlist is not clear, opening capture mode make the following error occours:
"Access violation at address 005214AF in module 'BSPLAYER.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF."

- If playlist is open, opening capture mode doesn't make the playlist to be updated, instead "capture" text is displayied.
The same text appears in the "Current playing file name" field in BSplayer's skin.
Playlist is updated if closed and then reopened..

- (IMHO, if it's not a bug it should be reported as a feature) Sorting channels in Playlist will change order of channels in "bspchan.dat" file.

Tizio 27th February 2005 12:50 PM

- If playlist is opened before opening a device (enabling capture mode), an error occours:
"Access violation at address 005214AF in module 'BSPLAYER.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF."
- Every time Playlist is opened->closed->reopened, its window is resized vertically [+5 pixels]. (this error occours only with skinned windows)

All the errors reported for build 815/816 except the one for WinME crash (YEAH, NOW EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH WinME, Thx):
BUGS (builds 815/816)

(not important, sorry if I report these):
- In the About window build's date is incorrect.
- "changes.txt" file is not updated.
- File version still 1.21.816 in exe properties.

Tizio 27th February 2005 02:07 PM

- Opening BSplayer in capture mode ("%BSPPATH%\bsplayer.exe -capture") many times will cause many "Select capture device" windows to be loaded (instead only one).
- SKIN ENGINE: Mute button's feedback with Volume, is working only if the Mute button is the last in list!!
- SKIN ENGINE: "Version" information text is not displayed in the skin (this bug is present from build 800, maybe also before).
- SKIN ENGINE: "MaxSubsWidth" has been replaced with "SubsMaxWidth" in the Skin's settings file -> section [Display], so there is an incompatibility issue with "old" (NOT pre version 1.00, but only before 814) skins. I hope that BST will fix this in the next build.

Tizio 27th February 2005 08:45 PM

- If the Capture mode is closed after the Capture settings window is opened, and then in this window OK or Apply is pressed, an error occours.

adicoto 27th February 2005 10:39 PM

In TV tuner configuratio, after scaning channels, delete is not functional.

Tizio 28th February 2005 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by adicoto
In TV tuner configuratio, after scaning channels, delete is not functional.

For me that action doesn't work neither before scanning!
However, for the moment, to sort/delete channels could be used the playlist... :?

Tizio 28th February 2005 11:10 AM

- When capturing, the file size information is (almost) always 0 KB.
Only once, it showed me 530 MB after ~1000 seconds... :shock:

Tizio 28th February 2005 12:50 PM

- When capturing if the STOP button is pressed, the recoding process ends, the frames count stops, the final file size is shown... but the seconds' counter in the Capture settings window still counts, and the "End capture" button says "End capure" instead of "Start capture" (this is maybe a feature, since if you then press the PLAY button, the capture process starts again... Strange......)
Maybe it would be better if implemented like adicoto requested: Play button starts recording (but NOT only after the capture is stopped).

BTW very nice the ability to pause the capture process with the PAUSE button and the possibility to resume pressing on it (or on PLAY) again!!! Great espetially fot the commercials/unwanted-scenes to be removed on the fly! The problem is that while the process is paused, there are no ways to view what it's appening on the paused channel, since the screen shows last image before pausing...
In the other hand it is a nice feature the ability to "pause" the image, but maybe only when not recording...

IMHO it should work like this:
PAUSE button -> Pause/Resume playback (images frozen)
PLAY button -> Start capture (if not paused)
-> Resume playback (if paused)
STOP button -> NOP (or same as PAUSE)

PAUSE button -> Pause/Resume recording process (images still on flowing)
PLAY button -> Resume recording process (if paused)
STOP button -> Stop recording process

Tizio 3rd March 2005 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by gadz
BSPlayer's SDK must be wrong or have an mistake or something because 0 doesn't work to Exit Full Screen

It should be a skin engine bug, since the button's action "Exit full screen" does nothing.
Hope this will be fixed in next build :)

Tizio 5th March 2005 08:39 PM

- If you change channal by pressing Next/Prev button in the skin, the channel name displayed in the "Movie title" text in the skin doesn't change.

This bug doesn't occour if you change channel from the Playlist window, or by pressing the keyboar's shortcut "Y"/"B" for the Prev/Next action.

Thank you for the PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING !! post in the Bugs section!! :wink:

Tizio 16th April 2005 07:56 PM

- (Windows ME/2000) Whenever a file is loaded, "Shutdown computer when finished" option becomes unchecked, thus this function works only if checked after a film is started (and only if there are NOT other movies).
- (Windows ME) When "Shutdown computer when finished" option is enabled, at the end of the movie the pc doesn't shutdown, it only log-off and then log-in

MISSING TRANSLATION (Shutdown confirmation dialog):
"Movie has finished, shutdown computer ?"

Tizio 25th April 2005 02:03 PM

Playlist bug
- When an item in the list is dragged up or down, the index of theat item remains the same.
For example, if you drag the 5th element up by 2 lines, its index should be "3.", instead actually it is still "5.".
This appens to all the items below the dragged one to have the wrong index number....

Bye :wink:

Tizio 27th April 2005 10:46 AM

With some (not all) .MPG video files, recognised as MP3, BSplayer doesn't start with the proper aspect ratio. Neither if forced in the playlist settings...
The video window always starts in a sort of square shape, and to obtain the "Original" (4:3) aspect ratio I have to select it from the right-click menu "Video -> Aspect ratio -> Original" item.

Tizio 26th May 2005 05:00 PM

BSplayer doesn't recognise "." character sent by Girder!
This only appens in Windows2000/XP. In Windows 9.x "." character works.

AFAIK t's a BSplayer issue since Girder is able to send "." char to others applications.

Hope you can fix this! Bye :wink:

mihhkel 27th May 2005 03:57 PM

After hiding main window, the file name in the notification area / system tray isn't updated when the next file in the playlist starts to play.

Tizio 31st May 2005 01:59 PM

Skin Bug:
When StatTxtMaxWidth information is present in FullsScreen skin files, and the height of FullScreen status text is greater than 9 pixels, the Status text height is truncated to 9 pixels.

Error in Oldskin.dll engine:
Custom Pan-Scan action is not converted appropriatly -> Old action #27 is converted in #9999 instead of #65.

mhanor 1st June 2005 02:23 PM

i'm unable to delete folders which contained at least one file which was opened while the session of BSPlayer (non-pro build 817), which played that file(s), is still running. "contained" because the content of those folders, including the file(s) which was (were) opened, can be deleted. only the folder(s) which contained it (them) cannot be deleted.

Example: I have 2 folders, named "1" and "2", each containing only a video file. if I open the file from "1", then I open the file from "2", I'm able to delete the file from "1', but I cannot delete "1". there are no others processes locking that folder.

I have tested it only on NTFS partitions (if that matters), under Windows 2000 SP4, fully updated on

Tizio 1st June 2005 07:47 PM

Have you tried to select "Close file when finished" in BSplayer "Preferences -> General" window?
Select that option and try. :wink:

mhanor 1st June 2005 08:11 PM

the file is beeing closed before opening another, that's why I'm able to delete it

Tizio 3rd June 2005 09:39 AM

But if you select that option the file should be closed when the playback reaches the end.... :?
If you have that option selected and can't delete file after they are's a bug...
And if you click on Close menu item? Still can't delete?

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