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herk-u-less 4th March 2005 04:43 PM

DirectShow not installed (codec probs) :(
No matter what I do, I get the error DirectShow not installed on ALL movies i try to play with BSplayer... I Know it's a codec-related problem,
but I just can't fix it no matter what I try?

I have reinstalled BSP lots of times, uninstalled all codecs at 2 separate times, gone back to a previous system restore point, tried lots of codec related programs, some wouldn't even run. I ran 3 different reg-cleaning tools and Norton WinDoc AFTER uninstalling all codecs, reinstalled and tried to play with settings in ffdshow, tried to uninstall codecs with RegSvr32 - which didn't work because Regsvr32 doesn't install or uninstall ANYTHING these days etc. etc.

Also, as I said part of the problem is that it seems like regsvr32 is not working at all, so I can't either register or unregister anything (can't run various codec related programs normally either, like Gspot or that Graph thingie!), which I think I have to do to fix this problem.

I'm now at a total loss for what I should do, leaving out a full reinstall... I wish there was a simple way to just reset the codec status to the standard windows settings when fresh installed.... But, it seems I shouldn't keep my hopes up, or what?

Any help or tips, very appreciated!

(Ps - I've been googling like crazy on the web, to find solutions, but there seems to be very little to be found on this problem! Been searching for both the codec/DS issue, and the regvr32 problem. I could barely find one entry on "directshow" in the MS knowledge base... Is this problem unique for me or what?)

iron2000 4th March 2005 05:08 PM

It plays well on other players?

I think Directshow stuff is related to DirectX.
(Directshow an API that codecs use?? pure guess)
Not sure about that.

herk-u-less 4th March 2005 07:17 PM

Yeah I believe DirectShow is a DX api too, what I didn't mention is that I also tried a DX reinstall (latest ver of course), and it didn't even reinstall, it just skipped to the finishing dialogs..

a little more info on the setup:
i got p4 3ghz 512 ram geforce fx 5200 (know it's not too good, no comments please:) xp home bsplayer v1.22 build 817

codecs (and i know i did something wrong here, codec overload basically - don't need to hear that, I need to know for example how to clean out all registered codecs, how to fix regsvr32 so it can uninstall etc.).

ace mega codecs pack, latest version (now uninstalled)
Xvid (now uninstalled)
ffdshow (installed, but before i had an old version)
a warcraft 3 divx codec
Nero codecs

BSPlayer shows a lot more installed under the Preferences > Filter managment part, unregistering does not work here either though, nothing happens.

adicoto 4th March 2005 10:24 PM

I have just 1 single file that BSPlayer didn't played, an MP3 file. All the rest play OK. I am sure is a codec problem. Maybe this will help:


herk-u-less 5th March 2005 04:30 AM

Nah, as far as I could see there was no help there either... but thanks for trying. :cry:

iron2000 5th March 2005 06:13 AM

So can you play the same movies on another media player?
Or you can't play movies on any player?

herk-u-less 5th March 2005 04:01 PM

Yes, I can use other players, like Vlc or WinDVD.. I have had "hints" of problems with WMP though, it never automatically gets codecs and doesn't play a fair share of my movies/video files.

iron2000 6th March 2005 04:42 AM

I'm afraid that I can't help much in this case.

herk-u-less 6th March 2005 02:31 PM

Ok, that was not too surprising.

I'll keep looking for what I need on my own, seeing as I relatively recently reinstalled (but still sufficiently long ago to have setup practically all of the special preferences I have), I'd prefer not to have to start anew again...

Well, I'll stop asking here if there is no help to be found (if anyone knew anything consequential about regsvr32 tho, I'd still appreciate they speak out..).


herk-u-less 18th March 2005 04:57 PM

Well I guess it's VLC and other vid players for me then. I could not successfully solve the problem, and for the time being I've given up.

Other players work normally, but I like BSP and am really disappointed that it can't run and the problem seems unsolvable... But if this is how it is, I can manage without it. It was just the player I was used to and liked the most (up until this incident atleast).

If anyone knows how to clean out codecs in an effective way (without messing up things further, but rather resetting the codec state to win default state), tell me about it - especially when I can't get many codec related programs to run normally, either.

Tips appreciated, bye.

herk-u-less 24th March 2005 09:10 PM

Solved AT LAST
Solved this problem AT LAST.

The solution was the prog XPLite, which had the option to uninstall/Reinstall DirectShow. A little surprised that no-one was able to tip me about that little utility before I found it myself. BSP is now working correctly again (albeit without codecs, so almost 'nothing' runs.. what to install, correctly, now?? this time...).

Thanks for trying though, but here's the solution for people with DirectShow error msg's at least.... XPLite.

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