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paulvrosendal 19th June 2002 10:08 AM

Cannot play my video capturing files?
Why BSPlayer don’t playing back all kinds of media files for example *.avi?

I am quit sure that the major problems are, BSPlayer don’t like compression DV Video Encoder – type 1.

(I have tried playing back files with format 320x240 and compression Intervideo 5.10. It works and explains the installed BSPlayer installation works very fine.) But I can’t used this compression). The picture qualities are poor.

Problem nr. 1.
After installing BSPlayer Version 0.85.488 I tried to playing back my own video file from my Media Library as contents video files in Format:
24 Bits, PAL [720x576] DV Video Encoder – type 1. Audio Format: DV Audio – PAL.

I get a Warning! Unknown file format () and then a report:

BSPlayer v0.85.488, Unhand led exception at EIP: 77F51C96
Application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 77F51C96 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000010
Eaccess Violation
, 0x004B289F, 0x004B2B01, 0x004520AF, 0x0044971A, 0x77D33A5F,
Bytes at EIP: FF 40 10 8B 45 FC 83 E0 01 89 45 E8 8B 06 FF 40 14 F6

Problem nr. 2.
I can’t play ordinary CD DVD movies from my DVD drive?

My Pc is an Aldi Medion CPU 1,8 with WinXP Home.

In Options > Preferences…> General tab I have only inset a mark with Register extensions on player start and Auto start. Associated extensions: Have a mark with AVI and WAV.

Video tab: Mode 1
Audio tab: For AC3 decoding: Inter Audio decoder. Output device: C-Media Wave device.

My Skins WinDVDplus2 worked fine.

Is there anyone to help?

Pleas help Thanks!

goety 20th June 2002 09:44 AM

possible problem
I can play my homemade movies with the native DV codecs wothout any problems, after compressing them there still is no problem,

I think you don't have the right codecs, even though you can play it back in your editing software, I installed the Nimo codec pack,

and messed around with my DV codecs, but beware with doing that, I can't capture in premiere anymore!!

but it plats well,
the nimo codec pack can be found all over the web,
jsut type it in google...

hope to have helped

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