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LighthouseJ 2nd August 2005 06:29 AM

Couple Simple Problems
First, I like to watch movies fullscreen. Usually when I put BSPlayer in fullscreen mode, I see the movie window borders on the bottom and right sides. To fix this, I click on the lower-right corner, resize it down, press 'f' to take it out of fullscreen, then press 'f' again to go back to fullscreen. This process is kind of silly to get a borderless fullscreen display. Sometimes it doesn't work, it keeps the window borders on the bottom and right.

Next, I have some TV shows that I mentioned before I like to watch. Well, they have audio commentaries on track 2 for each file. I would like to listen to all the audio commentaries instead of the regular tracks in every file. When I add all the show files to the playlist, select all, then select Audio Stream 2 and start to play, only the last file in the list goes to audio track 2 on playback, not all files like I selected.

Other than that, it's smooth sailing. All the keyboard shortcuts are pretty intuitive. I find myself trying to use them when I have to use other video players.

LighthouseJ 2nd August 2005 01:12 PM

I'd like to add another problem too I noticed.

Do you remember this thread I started? Well, I blacklisted the ffdshow MPEG-4 video decoder in the options so it won't be used. Last night I set my TV shows to be played and this morning I woke up to ffdshow exhibiting the same CPU-eating behavior. I checked and found that it was using XVID to decode, not ffdshow.[/url]

RafkeP 4th August 2005 07:22 AM

It all depends on your other files (if they contain other audio streams or not), but I think installing one of the audio stream plugins could solve one of your questions.

There's a plugin by dromadaire over here

It did not test that one since I wrote my own one over here

I'm not sure but I thought there was a third person who wrote a similar plugin, but I can't seem to find the topic.

Rafke P.

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