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mephiska 24th December 2002 05:03 AM

Poor performance with bsplayer?

I'm trying to watch videos on my P2 300 laptop. I'd like to use bsplayer but the problem is playback is awful. It's choppy as heck.

I know this laptop's capable of playing these videos as when I open them with mplayer2.exe or the divx playa 2.0 they play just fine.

I've tried all sorts of different codecs and none of them seem to make any difference. Any idea why bsplayer isn't cooperating?

jam3972 26th December 2002 08:56 AM

if it ever played good then try just reinstalling bsplayer. if you haven't already done this, try adjusting the divx post processing levels to lowest in divx5 properties and quality to 0 in DivX 3.11 properties (in options/preferences). unfortunately you cannot change processing levels in xvid...
also, in general preferences (assuming you don't care about any other running programs) set process priority to high or maybe even realtime, but try high first (these options are new to build 492 I believe)

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