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Nethan 21st December 2005 06:32 PM

BSPlayer and file associations

I don't know what happens to the first topic, but this is not a bad thing. My first post was made in a nervous moment, so it was bad written.

So.. I use actually BSPlayer 1.37 b826, free version, released the december 11 2005, on a Windows 2000 SP3 FR. He had been downloaded on

I use also, XMPlay v3.2, for all audio files, knowned (MP3) or less knowed (APE, SPC,...).

The problem, is that all file association who concerned XMPlay are erased sometimes. With no explanation, until yesterday, after the format who had the goal to resolve all problems, this one too.

I found by an unexpected chance that BSPlayer, when I go to the Options > Preferences section, erase all XMPlay informations in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\ section of the Windows Registry. Only launch Preferences menu, not more. I do nothing in the Preferences menu, I just open and close him.

I made a log with « Registry Monitor » of SysInternals, that you can download here:

It is a "difficult readeable" file... Third column is the software in use, Fourth column the action, and the two last the registry key concerned and the status of the operation (Success or failed).

If you make a search for Deletekey, you will find shortly some lines where BSPlayer suppress XMPlay keys, like HKCU\Software\Classes\XMPlay. A more far, we can see that FLAC key, OGG key, MP3 key, UMX key, AUD key, etc... In short, all files launched by XMPlay in my system, are erased by BSPlayer.

BSPlayer suppress also his proper keys (MPG, DIVX,...), but he re-create them at the end before I exit, so all video files are still launchable by BSPlayer.

But all files launchable by XMPlay before I go to the Options menu of BSPlayer, cannot be launched anymore. They are redirected to Windows Media Player (MP3,...), or they launch nothing (AUD,...).

I do, of course, some tries to be sure of that. Each time, Registry Monitor confirms, and I have to set again XMPlay.

As long that I don't go to the Options > Preferences section of BSPlayer, BSPlayer do nothing against XMPlay, but this is a unbearable situation.

Also, I don't know if the association of others programs are also concerned, since I don't log the first time.

Is there a bug of BSPlayer, or a really strange problem of my system (formated yesterday, so normaly...), or an option on BSPlayer... ?

This concern also the v1.36 b825 version of BSPlayer (I don't know before, because I used v0.86.501, where this problem don't exist, but this version is a few old).

Tizio 21st December 2005 09:33 PM

Maybe you can check if the option "Register extensions on player start" (under File types section) is enabled...

Otherways I think it's a bug.. As far as I can see, you have made an accurate analysis of the mechanics of the keys deletion made by BSplayer..

A problem on your system is still possible, but I think that BSplayer has more possibility to be the problem :?

Nethan 22nd December 2005 04:51 PM

"Register extensions on player start" is NOT enabled (Checked at this moment, now I go to XMPlay to restore association).

This is certainly a bug :?

Nethan 24th April 2006 07:36 PM

Hum... New versions don't correct this problem and I can't support anymore.

Remake each time the file associations only because a software finds funny to destroy user systems is abrasive the time during, same if I do all I can to avoid this (I go to the Options ONLY when it is needed).

Same if I try to find a workaround, like no registering by BSPlayer but myself by modifying the registry (yes I was very patient), the problem accured.

I will migrate an another video software :?

I can't use an old version, I have only a 0.86.500 who have problems with videos now (he says "file corrupted" each time same for good videos, probably a consequence of new versions of FFDShow).

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