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Bruiser 29th December 2002 06:27 PM

How do I get BSPlayer to default to WinDVD codecs for MPEG-2
Running WinXP (Home). BSPlayer (build 492) would normally default to using WinDVD's codecs for MPEG-2 playback, which worked fine. After installing nVidia's NVDVD player, it now defaults to those codecs, which screws up the video. Uninstalling NVDVD puts the defaults back to WinDVD.

How can I point BSPlayer to WinDVD's codecs, so that I can have both it and NVDVD, and still use BSPlayer as my default MPEG-2 player? I have created a "Filter" folder and put WinDVD's codecs in there, but I guess there's more to it, as that doesn't work.

Any help appreciated.

OK, I figured it out, at least how to write the bspfilter.dat file, after I searched the Registry and got the CLSID's for InterVideo's codecs.

BSPlayer now uses those codecs; the problem is now if I click on the position bar, I get a "handler exception: EIP00493482...invalid floating point operation", yada, yada...

I've seen other posts about this, so I'll look, but, in the meantime, if anyone has an answer, thanks.

Xophile 6th January 2003 04:23 PM


could you perhaps help me get WinDVDs codec to work in BS Player? I would really appreciate it!

Bruiser 7th January 2003 02:20 PM

Xophile: you've got mail.

An update: I upgraded to build 493, and, while I no longer get the handler exception when I try to use the seekbar, it always shows 100%.

Has anyone found a way to get nVidia's filers to work? Those are the ones that BSPlayer will default to for MPEG-2. The audio is fine, but the video doesn't work.

CK1249 2nd February 2003 12:49 PM


Bruiser would you have the goodness and send me an explaination of your method changing the codecs in BS, too. I really need that.

Bye and THC CK

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