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adicoto 20th April 2006 09:23 PM

BSPlayer build 1.41.832 and XviD 1.2
I am sure I do have XviD 1.2 installed on my system long time ago (short after it's release). But I can't recall to have this problem until build 1.41.832.
If you open a XviD file, everything is ok. But when opening the second one:

BSplayer v1.41.832, Unhandled exception at EIP: 019B0228
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
If you have internet connection, it's recommended to send error report, this will help us solve problems faster.
Access violation at address 019B0228. Write of address 00000001
Call stack: 00000000,019B0228,0040482B

And also:
Runtime error 216 at 0040431E

Same thing if you have the first file opened in another aplication and open the second file in BSPlayer.
I will try to see if you open 2 files without BSPlayer involved what does it happens.

EDIT: WMP and Mplayer2 don't want to use XviD decoder. They stick to Intervideo MPEG4 decoder. Strange. Don't have other players.
EDIT 2: If I open the file first in BSPlayer and second in the other aplication, all work like a charm. But if BSPlayer is the second, I get the error.

J7N 20th April 2006 09:46 PM

Re: BSPlayer build 1.41.832 and XviD 1.2
Remove the InterVideo decoder or lower its merit using GSpot or BSPlayer's Filter Management.

Two instances of a decoder cannot be used at the same time if the decoder is configured to output directly to the overlay surface. No overlay will be available to the second instance.

adicoto 20th April 2006 09:53 PM

I am pretty sure I can play at least 5 files in the same time, decoded by DivX decoder, using BSPlayer. Surely Elecard MPEG2 decoder can render at least 2 files (the 3rd get my CPU at 100 % but still playing). But not more than one using XviD decoder.
And about the merit. I don't think this is the issue in here.

J7N 21st April 2006 08:47 AM

Sorry, Adicoto, I didn't notice that it was you who posted.

I could never run more than 1 instance of BSPlayer v1.36 (and a few older) using older ffdshow. BSPlayer crashed. I just ran five instances of 2006-02-26 and shutdown them normally. Must be something with the filter, its output colorspaces maybe..

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