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grendizer 8th June 2006 10:49 PM

Bug on DVD playback
On Tron's second DVD, there is a series of pictures for the design. Clicking on each picture's thumbnails will not display it full screen. Nothing happens. The same thing works well on WindDVD 7.
Should I send bug reports to the email support or the forum?

Tizio 8th June 2006 11:23 PM

:? But are you clicking on the images or selecting them with the arrow keys on the keyboard and then pressing Enter?

The report of bugs can be done here, so you can also see other users' comments/suggestions and if a solution is found, other users will be able to find it too :wink:

grendizer 9th June 2006 12:14 AM

I tried both, doesn't work

Mat2000 9th June 2006 01:15 PM

Please send more pictures.
Take care.

grendizer 9th June 2006 09:11 PM

Strange... I cannot make a screen capture of BsPlayer or WinDVD playing a DVD, the video window is all black when I paste in Photoshop.

BSPeter 9th June 2006 11:07 PM

Plead read item (b) "I wish to capture screens, but ..." under MISCELLANEOUS in the second half of my Help2Help-post.

grendizer 11th June 2006 11:18 PM

Sorry I don't want to mess with the Nvidia settings just for a screen cap.

Playing more DVD's, I can see that problems also occur in the DVD menu screens. Some menus choices (like "play movie", "select audio language") are difficult to click. It seems like the clicking area is very small compared to the clickable text. This problem does not occur on WinDVD with the same menus.
And, as I said, clicking is completely disabled on DVD menus displaying thumbnails of pictures (that you click to display them full screen).
Another thing I noticed is that in WinDVD7, when you pass the mouse above a clickable text or picture thumbnail, the mouse pointer turns into a hand icon, but in BsPlayer 2.0, it stays always the usual arrow icon.

Also, I want to know which DVD codecs does BsPlayer 2 uses. External? Internal? Developped by Webteh or using an existing installed DVD codec?


So far my tests are with:
Tron Double DVD Region 1
Lord of the Rings Pt 1 Fellowship, 4 DVD Edition Region 1

Tizio 11th June 2006 11:55 PM

The fact that BSplayer doesn't display an hand icon when the mouse overs a clickable region is only a code issue (probably this should be added to the features request section, if you don't add that request I'll do :) ).

BSplayer uses an external decoder (so, since you have WinDVD installed, it probably uses that one. You can chack it by yourself in Filters menu section: righ-click -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced), but an internal interpreter for DVD menus etc.

Since I don't have Tron DVD I can't test it, but I also have the LOTR 4 DVD version, so I'll be able to check it out.
Do you have particular problems with that DVD (so I can test it in a way to be able to reproduce your problems) or just the one with unclickable thumbnails?

BSPeter 12th June 2006 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by grendizer
Sorry I don't want to mess with the Nvidia settings just for a screen cap....

? ? ? ? ?

Tizio 12th June 2006 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by BSPeter

Originally Posted by grendizer
Sorry I don't want to mess with the Nvidia settings just for a screen cap....

? ? ? ? ?

Yes, where did you found a suggestion in changing nVidia settings?

(b) I wish to capture screens, but ...
how .... cannot find
Default key is [P], but - if you so wish - you can redefine through right-click > Options > Preferences > Key definitions & WinLIRC (note seperate settings are possible for Windowed mode and for Full screen mode).
If you did not define any specific location (through right-click > Options > Preferences > General ...... the options re saving of screens are shown in the "south east" quarter) screen images will be saved in BSPlayer's installation folder (default name and format: bscap??.jpg)
Not working?
Experiment with different rendering/overlay modes
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Video > Video rendering
with a different setting of "Convert captured images in software" under
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > General ("south east" quarter of the window)
(Depends also on your graphics card (and its settings and drivers)!)
Frame by frame?
Pause movie and use right (and left) arrow keys to step through the movie
(Depends also on the possibilities of the decoder/filter used!)
Other possibility?
Well, there still is the possibility offered by Windows: [Alt]/[Print screen]
followed by "paste" in a graphics package.
(Its working also depends on graphics card/overlay settings.)
all the options have to be selected in BSplayer, included the once for overlay modes :?

grendizer 12th June 2006 01:50 AM

Thanks for the overlay information, I will try it next time I need to capture, but for this thread, it is not useful.

When I click on righ-click -> Options -> Filters , nothing happens, no Window pops up!

In Fellowship DVD#1, click on the language options, then try to click on "main menu". Not easy.
On DVD#3, Go to "Designing Middle Earth" then inside the image gallery. When you're inside the image gallery for "Sauron", nothing works. The only thing to do is to go back to the main DVD menu.

Tizio 12th June 2006 10:01 AM

Ok, thanks, I'll try :wink:

Tizio 12th June 2006 03:32 PM

Ok, I tried what you suggested.
- I can't fully confirm the difficult in clicking the Main Menu links. What I experienced is that sometimes it takes a bit to update the mouse cursor position (too high update delay?): if you move the mouse through all the menu items, then all is ok, but if you move the mouse outside the VideoWindow and then point it directly onto one element in that list, the last selected item will not be unselected, but if you then slightly move the mouse cursor, then BSplayer understand that you are overing it onto one element.

- For the Images Gallery problem, it's the same as your experience with my DVD. Once you enter that section of the DVD BSplayer thinks to have started a video sequence, thus the mouse cursor doesn't active menu selections and keyboard arrows will only change the audio volume..
And this behaviour is the same on all the images galleries present on the DVD (not only for the Sauron one) :(

And obviously it would be really more intuitive if the mouse cursor will change in a hand when it hovers a menu item (I didn't noticed you could click the menu items also due to the not always recognized mouse positions)

BSPeter 12th June 2006 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by grendizer
When I click on righ-click -> Options -> Filters , nothing happens, no Window pops up!

Was a videofile loaded at that time? (and - of course - you should right click while over BSPlayers main or video window.)

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