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Maceart 16th July 2006 06:16 PM

True, but on default, I always change the skin to my favorite on (a-card) and since the full equalizer wasn't shown, I didn't see that the speaker output bar was pulled all the way to the left.

BSPeter 16th July 2006 08:35 PM

@Maceart and (especially) test:
A real pity that
(a) you "automatically"assumed we didn't take your remarks seriously;
(b) you apparently didn't take our remarks seriously enough to check;
. . . (Tizio in fact already gave you the solution in the 3rd post of this thread!)
(c) you didn't simply ask if you didn't know where/how to find equalizer.
You really kept us busy and puzzled!
Anyhow, glad your problems are solved now.

test 18th July 2006 02:18 AM

Yes I reacted a certain way especially after everyone did everything in their power to not confirm there was a bug. I understand quite well you may have said "look at the equalizer settings, look at the equalizer settings." But this is a BUG REPORT, not a playback issue. The point of the thread was to show there is a bug and someone to confirm it (which was done, albeit by another user), after which point fixing it (if possible) would have been great. The only thing everyone else could do here though was deny there was a bug, not install the version to even see if there might be a bug, and of course throw out helpful solutions to a playback problem. But no real posts concerning a bug report. So you said "check the Equalizer settings", what then? The next version of BSP would just continue to force the equalizer to the left because no one wants to see if it is a bug? That is not a useful solution to this type of report!

I find it extremely hard at this point to take anyone seriously who said they installed that version and could not correctly note that the equalizer was shifted all the way to the left. So yes, I just don't believe anything you say anymore BSPeter.

I'll let you guys know now, I'm here to REPORT BUGS so that the player can be used without problems. I'm not even a BSP user to tell you the truth but since I know so many complete newbs which choose this player I'd like to be sure they can use it without issues. When it takes you 17 posts and 4 days to confirm there is a bug after the first post, I see that as a major problem.

Example of how this thread could have turned out had someone known how to even walkthrough a bug report.

User: All my right audio is gone.
BSPerson: Hmm I recall some equalizer changes in the BSP changelog. Let me just install this to see. YES! Indeed equalizer settings are forced all the way to the left.
BSPerson: So all you have to do User is goto the Equalizer settings in BSP and change the bar to the middle. We will fix this problem in our next version.

Alternate Ending
BSPerson: Actually we already know about this error having done alot of testing for each version, it unfortunately is a default setting that slipped through into an official release. Goto your Equalizer settings in BSP and change the bar to the middle.

Fin! 1 Post with someone who can think straight. Please try to take Bug Reports more seriously (Yes I am telling you again to take them seriously). It should not take 17 posts for this process, the process of making BSP better not fixing playback issues.

Tizio 18th July 2006 09:03 AM

First of all, BSPeter is not a BSPerson (he is not a BSplayer team member, but only a BSplayer fellow user like you and me whom try to help other users to make their BSplayer copy to work as good as possible).
Second, if you had took seriously our suggestions, in all your tests you should have installed BSplayer, then gone to the equalizer as suggested here and confirm that the problem lays in the settings file. Fin! (ironic) :wink:

The fact that we tried to find a solution to the problem doesn't mean that the bug will not be reported and fixed in next versions, and it doesn't mean that we don't take bug reports seriously into account.
Instead to know if the problem lays in the player itself or in the settings file (even if firstly created by the player) do make a great difference. It will be treated as a bug and fixed in next builds, but in the meantime other users will be able to fix the problem by themselves :wink:

See ya at the next bug :)

BSPeter 18th July 2006 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by test
I find it extremely hard at this point to take anyone seriously who said they installed that version and could not correctly note that the equalizer was shifted all the way to the left. So yes, I just don't believe anything you say anymore BSPeter.

You're again jumping to conclusions and making allegations, apparently assuming you know it all. Well, you don't (and neither to I). But unlike you: I try not to "judge" people, whereas you've apparently some real trouble to stop doing just that continuously. Maybe place yourself before a mirror once! You're not really helping yourselves with your attitude (nor are you helping others).
Further, not that I need to explain and/or justify myself, but just for your information: I've been using BSPlayer for quite some years now and when a new version appears I simply install it over the old one, which leaves my previous settings untouched. This also means that in my case, my equalizer settings were as they should be (in the middle and not shifted to the left).

Originally Posted by In his first reaction Maceart
There's nothing wrong with the equalizer, and my system volume control is set correctly.

..... and having no troubles ourselves with the equalizer either, we (I) didn't further test that possibility. But as we didn't seem to be able to come up with something definite (either a solution or a confirmation of a bug), I couldn't but fall back on what was suggested before (even if it was earlier denied by Maceart as a possible cause).

Originally Posted by So that was the reason why I
...right now I don´t have a clue what could be causing it, other than the filter used (I´m not using ffdshow) or what Tizio earlier suggested, i.e. that the balance in BSPlayer´s own Equalizer (keycomb.: [Alt]/[G]) was (accidentally) fully shifted to the left.
Puzzled! :?

So, I'm really glad we've eventually found the error and we couldn't have done it without you two :)
But, I'm not really happy that it took so long and I'm certainly not glad with the way you're reacting (and I'm especially referring to you test) :(
I've some serious suggestions for you test (Yes, I'm telling you to take this seriously):
- don't judge and/or make unfounded allegations (you're not "all-knowing", just like me);
- try to think straight (without prejudice and with a clear and open mind);
- try to take answers more seriously.

Maceart 19th July 2006 04:55 AM

Uh, thank you anyways. BSplayer now works with H.264 + AAC + Dual audio Matroska files, so that's always a plus.

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