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Tizio 6th October 2006 01:03 AM

BUGS in BS.Player v2.11.940
@ BSplayer team members: Check this post to find all confirmed bugs (to be fixed in next releases of BSplayer)

In this post (click here) there is the complete list of all bugs which have sofar been reported and confirmed.
If you've found any additional bugs, please report them, by postreplying to this post.

Please, before posting new bugs read carefully the linked post to prevent double reports

BSPeter 6th October 2006 01:38 AM

Addition to bugs list
Translation "bug":
When redefining/adding "Key definitions & WinLIRC" keypresses which also have an own "name" in local languages (e.g. "Space") or mouseclicks (like "Mouse Right" "Wheel down"etc.) are always in English.

In language file double number used under
112=Show Main Menu
112=Subtitles Action
(Earlier reported by me by email on 14 February 2006)
Also see last line of this post.


Walt Disney 12th October 2006 07:12 PM

Tizio 12th October 2006 07:55 PM

Anyway it seems to me more a feature request than a bug report (if it's not supposed to work like that, it's not a bug if it won't work like that :wink: )
Added to the requests here

Walt Disney 12th October 2006 08:39 PM


Ico-man 23rd October 2006 03:33 PM

BUG FIXES from 2.11 to 2.12

1)- Some files are not properly saved in the BSplayer UserProfile folder for example bsplay.bkf file or the bsplay.sav file (by BSPeter) and maybe also the bspfilters.dat (there are too many files to move? Rolling Eyes ).
Fixed, all files should now be saved in common dir.

2) Plus there are many users that will prefer to choose where to save the settings files, especially for multyusers systems (and due to the new Windows Vista security features, reported by adicoto, I think this feature will be more needed).
It's now possible to choose where settings are saved, if file BSplayer.xml exists in installation folder then everything will be saved there, otherwise settings will be saved in Application Data folder.

There are problems with equalizer settings in BSplayer.xml file (by krosik)


- A redundant Play (the one to remove) key is saved into the Windows registry for every associated extension (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\shell\Play) since a Playbs (the one to keep) key is already present (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\shell\Playbs) A N D
- There are problems with no savvy applications that use Open item in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT associations to open media files. Since BSplayer uses a Playbs item (as reported above) these applications (i.e. MS Outlook Express) are not able to launch BSplayer. I suggest you to change the Playbs item in Open


5) - The new OSD options are great, but the selected OSD information are not always shown, especially when you change movie file

6) - It's now possible to have any kind of extension, but not all characters are valid for the extension. the SPACE_BAR is a valid character, but I doubt someone will use this char, and the . (dot) char is an extension delimiter, it should not be included in the typeable ones

7) - Even if the option "Close file when finished", when the movie ends it's still locked by BSplayer (i.e. you can't delete/move the file anywhere) until you close it [Note: the file should be closed also when you press the "Close file" menu item, but the handle to the file is not released correctly]
I think this is not BSplayer fault. Some installed filter or something keep files open.

8) - The old playlist style window open state is not remembered when you close BSplayer and then reopen it (the new playlist style is not affected by this bug)

9) - Image Capture option don't work as expected. "Original size" captured images are the same as the "Actual size" ones
When overlay is used it will always be captured as "Original size", because image is resized in hardware before is displayed and it can't be accessed.

10) - If the "Disable skinned windows" option in Skin section is checked, then also the Menus will lost the skinned feature (even if the "Disable skinned menus" option is UNchecked)
This is feature Smile. If "Disable skinned windows" is enabled then nothing will be skinned. If "Disable skinned menus" is checked then everything will be skinned except menus.

11) - Sometimes BS.Playlist and BS.MediaLibrary Tooltips leave shadows when they disappear. These shadows will disappear only once BSplayer is closed (by Nexxus)

- BSplayer doesn't recognise "." character sent by Girder!
This only appens in Windows2000/XP systems. In Windows 9.x/ME "." character works.
AFAIK it's a BSplayer issue since Girder is able to send "." char to others applications.
BST wrote:We'll look into this.
More information: I made my tests with a QWERTY Italian keyboard and I also tried Girder's keyboard "Alternative proc." option
- After a PM discussion with djsolidsnake86:
Keyboard shortcuts "." and "," don't work as Global keys even if they are assigned to!

Can't reproduce this. Keys work as expected in Girder and as global keys.

- Annoying Taskbar Button Problem (by John0877)

Need more testing, will be fixed.

14) - If you select multiple files from an Explorer window and then press Enter, the selected file will not be added to BSplayer, instead BSplayer will load them one by one (by closing and removing the previous ones every time). It should add them all to the playlist and then start to play only the first one (and only if the "Auto play" options is selected). The feature works well if you choose to enqueue those files, but if you just enqueue them BSplayer should not start playing them.
(if you need more explainations feel free to ask, I don't want this feature to be broken due to a bad explaination from me)
- When the MovieWindow's top border coordinates are minor than -25 pixels (for example if top border is out of the top screen border by 50 pixels), and the movie window is manually resized, then after resizing, the movie window new dimensions are equal to "the movie window resized width"x"the movie window resized height+25pixels", and the video image is stretched even if the Keep aspect ratio option is selected. (as said only by manually resize the window by dragging the movie borders makes this bug happens, if you use keyboard shortcuts, or the mouse wheel the error doesn't occours)

Will be fixed in one of next builds.

- Audio: (Since tv capture exists) If for example audio source is Line-in and in "Capture settings" Line-in is selected, there is a sort of echo, this is because BSplayer sound is delayed in respect of Line-in one, and don't use Line-in sound only, but overlap Line-in sound with BSplayer sound

This is not actually bug, just turn off line-in in audio mixer.

16) - It's unpossible to set framerates below 25fps and higher than 30fps. (limit imposed by tuner card or by BSplayer???)
This is probably tuner card limitation.

17) - If you use the arrow-buttons (the ones at the right of the setted fps) you can raise the number of fps up to 30, then if you click again the UP arrow, the number setted starts to decrease instead of increase. This until you reach the starting value of 25fps..

It seems like the routine used here tells to increase the number until it reaches 30, then every time it's pressed furter, it tells to show the actual fps-1 (by thinking that if you click the up arrow the number becomes 31 => the routine try to do 31-1=30 [max number]) but this approch it's really bad (if implemented this way). To confirm my theory there is the fact that once you click the down arrow you are able again to raise the fps number (up to 30, or to 30 - number of times you pressed the up arrow after you reached 30.. don't know if it's always like this.. it acts really strange.. )

Should be fixed.

18.) SKINS
- It's impossible to force Enhancer (Winamp DSP plugin) to stay hidden (by karel)
This only happens when Skinned windows are enabled in BSplayer (Skins section).
Maybe you can skin the windows only when they are effectively displayed, and not when they are loaded into memory

Can't reproduce. Will look into this.

19) - Problem with dual monitor and new skin close button (by marques0)
Should be fixed.

20) - When you use Blend buttons in skins, they work as they should, but some error messages popup with the following text "Canvas does not allow drawing"
This feature is not supported yet.

Other bugs will be fixed in next builds.

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