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tritac3 11th January 2003 09:09 AM

XviD problem with player 0.86.493
I have an avi extension file encoded with XviD codec. Problem is, that BSPlayer 0.86.493 doesn't play this video file. When I want to play it, it reports "Unknown file format (XVID)".

Can you help me? What can I do? :( :(

Manao 11th January 2003 09:53 AM

Can you play it with other players ( WMP, Zoom Player ) ?

If not, you should either install the Xvid codec, or check if you have the entire file ( when a file is not complete, BSPlayer gives this error )

If yes... well I never saw that happened

tritac3 11th January 2003 10:01 AM

Yes, same problem appears in other players. And I do have the latest XviD codec installed. File is also omplete, because it is from my friend and he made it. Do't ask me why he loves encoding with XviD. :D

And big thanks for your answer! :D

Btw problem still isn't solved... :(

tritac3 11th January 2003 10:07 AM

One more thing, I'm using Koepi's XviD. Do you recomend any other XviD?

bluedan 11th January 2003 03:27 PM

Really weird. XVid decoder should jump in when properly installed without further adjustments.
As player says that XVid is unknown codec, wrong 4cc is unlikely. It would be DivX or the likes.
Try to use ffdshow filter. Find it here:
Or look at for the d/l link.
After install uncheck XVid codec use on codecs tab or to be more precise: the right checkbox in that line, so instead ffdshow will do the decoding (apart from all the postprocessing and filtering capabilities I have to advertise here again... :) ).
If this is not the solution, your friend has somehow screwed that movie file.Believe me.

Another thing you can try is to analyze file with Gspot (look at doom9 again). If you do not understand what it is telling you post results here.
We'll help.

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