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gLeW 30th July 2007 12:03 AM

[FIXED] Bsplayer and monitor turn off
Hi im usin bsplayer 2.21 in vista.
mi vista is configures
Screen Saver 5 minutes
Power Saving Monitor 10 Minutes.

When i run movie in bsplayer the screen saver automaticle disable but after 10 minutes of movie the monitor turn off.

i try whit anothers programs i dont have the same problem.


Sorry for my english.

rseiler 31st July 2007 07:58 PM

Yes, I've noticed this as well. It didn't happen in XP -- BSPlayer would automatically prevent the monitor from going into power-down when a video is playing. Doesn't happen in Vista.

I've noticed that WMP and VLC don't have the problem.

rseiler 8th August 2007 12:11 AM

Any idea when the fix is going in for this? It's not really practical to have to continually keep track of the last time you interacted with the system when watching something just so that the monitor doesn't suddenly turn off. It goes without saying that a video player would prevent this automatically.

Ico-man 8th August 2007 02:15 PM

Monitor shut down in Vista operating system
We will fix this in a future version of BS.Player.
Thank you for your feedback.

Stixy 12th September 2007 01:17 PM

Re: Monitor shut down in Vista operating system

Originally Posted by Ico-man
We will fix this in a future version of BS.Player.
Thank you for your feedback.

Please do you know approximately when will be release next version? Because this is really sucks... :-(
Thanks for answer

Stixy 22nd September 2007 11:36 AM

Re: Monitor shut down in Vista operating system
Hello, I installed new version of bs player (2.24) and this problem IS NOT fixed.
I tested also new version of Media Player Classic ( - was release on Sunday) and here is the problem fixed.
So guys where is the problem?
I use Windows Vista Home Basic.

Thanks for answer
Best Regards

Ico-man 25th September 2007 03:05 PM

Please try to redownload BS.Player 2.24 and reinstall it.
And tell us if the problem persists.

wiser 17th October 2007 11:37 AM

same problem so far......
fact: in xp....for example....if i set screensaver after 5 min and turn off monitor after 10 min.....if i watch a video file in bsplayer for 30 min.....after 30 min enters the 5 min timing for screensaver(only if is set to close file when finisged)and after 10 min since video ended turns off monitor....

in vista....for example....i choose to set screensaver after 5 min-turn off monitor after 10 min and sleep comp after 20 min.....when i run a video in bsplayer it goes like this:

for example a 30 min video.....after 10 min(since video started) monitor doesnt turns off...but video freezes(till v2.23)...v2.23-v2.24 doesnt have this problem but....after video stops....(after 30 min) instead to start counting 5 min for screensaver....10 min....for turn off monitor and 20 min to sleep comp....after video ending comp goes imediately to sleep.....

hope i wasnt too fuzzy......but this looks the only major problem bsplayer it still has......all other problems(no video or no audio) can be fixed from say this is the only problem left


Ico-man 17th October 2007 01:45 PM

@wiser: The problem in Vista in actually not a BS.Player problem, but Vista one.
In XP it works everytime, but in Vista it works sometimes, and sometimes not. Obviously, we have no control over screensavers and power saving functions in Vista. :)

Please read more at:

wiser 17th October 2007 03:20 PM

i can see vista has some bugs about it.....but not all players have this problem....

the major problem is that bsplayer doesnt prevent any vista power saving

the power settings in vista a r not too well made also but......every power saving setting must start counting at the ending of video.......

i didnt get it rite.....ur tryin to say that not bsplayers fault but vista's fault ?? cuz NOT ALL players have this problem...but :) i dont want any player.....i want bsplayer....cuz its way beyond any other player....i tried alot of other players just cuz bsplayer needs lots of codecs to open all video files....and i tried to minimize the codecs but....didnt find a better one.....and despite all codecs i still use it

pls tell me if u need me to test ur versions cuz i will try to help...

if u say its nothing u can do about this bug....then im sorry.....was just tryin to help

PS: u said fixed on the topic... :) and not true


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