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grendizer 12th November 2007 07:39 PM

2 media Library problems
Here are 2 media Library problems that I noticed:

1) when I add a folder or tracks to the media library , then I close BsPlayer, then open it again and open its Media Library, in the bottom part of the ML, under "genres" > "all" > artists > all > there is nothing here.
There should be a list of artists that were in the folders and tracks that I added.

2) In the upper part of the library, under "title", I can see the file name of the WMA files, but under "artist", "album", etc, there should be the information in the tags inside the WMA files. But nothing is displayed.

Any solution or are these bugs?


kulakov 1st November 2008 06:13 AM

In my case ML does not always display media file info such as artist, album etc. I added an album by Alizee (all mp3) and it displayes the info, then I added songs by Avril Lavigne, and it only displays "Avril Lavigne" and "Let go" (album) for a single song (mp3), the rest (wma) seem to have no such info. At the same time I can see the info in the file properties or in WMP.

BSPeter 1st November 2008 12:15 PM

I think for mp3 it uses mp3-tags of the file itself, but for CD (wma) I think it uses the free CD-dabase
(see: rightclick > Options > Preferences > Audio)
Perhaps your CD has no entry there yet?
Probably I'm wrong and there may well be another cause.
So I invite other users with more technical skill and knowledge to perhaps present the full and correct answer.
Or BS.Player team-member Ico-man can shed his light on this?

adicoto 1st November 2008 05:19 PM

WMA it's microsft's MP3, not related to CD. It also uses same taging like MP3. ANd yes, for audio CDs, BSPlayer uses free CDDB.

kulakov 1st November 2008 05:29 PM

I'm not familiar with the technical details but I don't think my CD(s) are so rare they don't have an entry in the DB. The player could at least try to read the info from the file properties. As far as I know it is stored in the so called NTFS-streams which are displayed in the 2nd (right) tab of the file properties (once WMP put it there). I can see it with Explorer, why can't I see it with BSPlayer?!

BSPeter 1st November 2008 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
WMA it's microsft's MP3, not related to CD. It also uses same taging like MP3. ANd yes, for audio CDs, BSPlayer uses free CDDB.'t know what I was thinking. Of course wma has nothing to do with Audio CD. I mixed up WMA with CDA. I should have switched on brain before post-replying! :oops:
So I think it really is BS.Player team to give the answer!

adicoto 1st November 2008 07:33 PM

Probably for many of us it's the evening of a long saturday, so mistakes can me made and can be accepted. We are humans.
I wonder, the e-mail field below the fredb filed, needs to be filled with a valid email adress in order to access freedb ?

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