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grendizer 9th March 2008 03:33 PM

Enormous pixels!
Hello all,

What is this, first time I see this problem in BsPlayer! :shock:

It seems that BsPlayer is sampling down videos to a very small resolution, so there are much fewer pixels on the video window, and as a result, the pixels of the video appear anormous!
This happens on all videos I am watching.
I have tried to change the video renderer from EVR to WMR9 renderless, but same problem.

I am using BsPlayer Pro Lite 2.27 on Windows Vista Ultimate 64bits.

See the attached picture for details. On the left is Windows Media Player, on the right is BsPlayer.

Thanks for the help,


J7N 9th March 2008 05:22 PM

Re: Enormous pixels!
Number of pixels appears roughly the same. Left picture has bilinear upsample applied, right one has been point-upsampled. I've never seen this happen with videos. But then again I never used Vista.

adicoto 9th March 2008 06:50 PM

I presume that we talk about an MPEG 1 file ?
And Vista don't let BSPlayer use another MPEG1 decoder than MS one. Wich doesn't get along with BSplayer.

grendizer 9th March 2008 07:08 PM

Sorry for the false alarm guys.

Some days ago I uninstalled the divx official decoder to test something.
So then the divx decoding was done by some Roxio codec. When I was watching a divx in bsplayer, it looked like the right side of the pic above.
Today I re-installed the divx official decoder v6.8.
Then I played the video and it was still the same problem. What fooled me is that in the right click > option > filters > advanced, the official divx decoder was mentioned.
But I fixed the problem just by... restarting Windows!!

So, problem fixed 8)

grendizer 9th March 2008 10:50 PM

Hmmm in fact the problem was not solved by restarting Windows.
It was solved by stopping the 3d rendering running at the same time.
3d renderings use all the processor's activity.
What's weird is that I often watched divx or dvd's in the past with a 3d rendering running behind. The video playback software kind of take from the processor what it needs to play the video.
But now, BsPlayer (or the Divx decoder) "thinks" that my PC is not powerfull, as all the resources are taken by the 3d rendering. So as a result , it displays much fewer pixels.
I noticed this after I restarted Wndows. I checked the video playback and it was fine. Then closed BsPlayer, then restarted my 3d rendering and then started the video again: same problem as before.
So I shut down BsPlayer, shut down 3ds max and started the video again in BsPlayer: no problem.
:shock: :?:

grendizer 10th March 2008 11:57 AM

false move again!! I finally found the REAL cause.
At startup, 3dsmax disables aero. When aero isn't here, BsPlayer will display the video with enormous pixels. When aero is present, all is OK.
But why does this happen only with BsPlayer?? :shock:

J7N 10th March 2008 07:38 PM

Number and size of pixels is the same for gods sake. Just look at the "(c)" down below. Left picture does not show more details.

dr_asaos 12th May 2008 01:56 PM

i want to understand!!!
he man,
plz tell me more about what "aero" is? i have this problems since ages till now>>>just tell me how can i fix my videos with viesta plz english plz :cry: just tell me in steps!!

grendizer 12th May 2008 09:11 PM

It's funny that nobody paid attention to this thread, yet the bug was fixed in BsPlayer 2.28.
So.. at least the BsPlayer team paid attention to this thread and did a good job.
In Vista Ultimate , "aero" is kind of a "windows skin" that makes the windows transparent, and gives some 3d effects to Windows.
First tell us your version of BsPlayer and your exact verion of Vista.

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