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Maxy 22nd March 2008 12:35 PM

File association problems
I'm running Vista x86 and BS.Player 2.27.959 and I'm having some file association problems.

1. Every time I open and close preferences my default programs get all messed up. I'm not sure why this happens but I'm positive BS.Player causes it to happen. For example: I have Windows Live Mail set as my default E-mail client, Windows Live Photo Gallery as my default picture viewer and for .icl files Axialis IconWorkshop. But every time I open and close BS.Player preferences it all changes, Microsoft Office Outlook becomes my default E-mail client, Windows Photo Gallery my default picture viewer and as for .icl files, the default program for them changes to nothing (in other words no program is set as the default program for this files). I'm not sure if this happens with any other programs, I've noticed it to happen only with the aforementioned ones.

2. I can't seem to make BS.Player my default player for .mpa files. I open preferences, check the checkbox next to .mpa, close preferences but when I open them again the checkbox is unchecked and the file are not associated with BS.Player.

Paoluzzo 30th March 2008 09:21 PM

Hello Maxy,

I encountered exactly the same problem as described by you.
All file associations get messed up. For examples associations for WinAmp and even my standard Webbrowser gets changed from Firefox to IE7.

Just as you I use BS.player 2.27. My OS is Vista Home Premium with SP1.

My problems started after I purchased BS.Player 2.27. Everything get's messed up every time I watch a movie with BS.player.


darena_x 5th April 2008 04:30 PM

so you get similiar thing to me
i get my file associations messed up by bs player and on the top of everything i can't play amnyhting on it and itdoesn't display why i can't play that file.

Maxy 6th April 2008 02:10 PM


I haven't noticed this earlier but my default web browser gets changed too. No matter what I set as the default, Firefox or Opera, the settings are always changed back to IE.

Zanpakutou 11th May 2008 12:22 PM

Same problem, with both 2.26 & 2.27 on XP SP2.
Even with filetypes that have nothing to do with BS.Player (eg torrents get reassigned to nothing, instead of uTorrent) while other filetypes remain unaffected.
Only happens when i open preferences, just running BS.Player won't do it.

Definitely one of the more annoying bugs, so plz fix or give instructions on how to fix. thnx

Ico-man 12th May 2008 10:32 AM

Multimedia software player - BS.Player
@all users running Vista: File associations problem in Vista was fixed in BS.Player 2.28.
Please re-download an re-install BS.Player 2.28 to fix this problem.

@Zanpakutou : "Same problem, with both 2.26 & 2.27 on XP SP2. "
The bug described above by users in Vista OS can't happen in Windows XP, because Windows XP do not have this function at all. This may be different bug with similar results, please give us more info about the conditions under which this bug occurs in XP SP2.

Zanpakutou 19th May 2008 05:04 PM

I can only think of two filetypes that are affected, mp3s and torrents.
Torrents go from uTorrent to nothing and mp3s go from XMPlay to Windows Media Player.
I don't have to actually change any settings for it to happen, just opening and closing the settings dialogue will do it.
'Register extensions on player start' is disabled.
The problem is still present in 2.28

Something odd i just noticed, so may only be with 2.28.
If i leave mp3s with WMP and reset torrents to uTorrent, then change a setting, torrents stay with uTorrent.
But if i reset mp3s to XMPlay and torrents to uTorrent, then change a setting, both lose their associations.

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