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HIP_HOP 10th June 2008 06:45 AM

Vista sp1 problem with Bs player
First I have to thank you for developing the best media player on the market, but anyway i have two problems with your player on OS Win Vista sp1.

I have sound card ( Realtek ALC655 6-Channel ) integrated on motherboard Biostar K8T890-A9 and I have downloaded the latest driver for Vista. When I test my 5.1 speaker system ( with Vista or Realtek program) all speakers work correctly.

But the problem is that in Bsplayer subwoofer does not play. ( i can switch center and subwoofer to solve a problem, but it seems pointless to me because then the center speaker will not play)

Second problem occurs when i watch my video on tv. When I press play button on Bsplayer Vista Aero puts out. It signs that Vista basic theme is on. When i stop playing movies with bs player it goes Aero on again.

Thank you for your answers

Tizio 10th June 2008 09:07 AM


1. (Audio problem)
Does this happen with every video you play? I think only with the ones with AC3 sound, so you probably have to configure AC3 Filter to output the sound to your 6 speakers. To do so, start your movie, then right-click on BSplayer and go to Options -> Filters -> Advanced, choose AC3 Filter, then go to Main tab and choose your preferred output

2. (TV Output)
I didn't got what's your problem here... you don't want Aero to be disabled? Unfortunately it's the way it's meant to work with default DShow renderer on Vista, you can only try to change rendering mode (switch to VMR or EVR) and the problem should go away (I can't test since the only Vista I have is virtualized and so without a video card capable to use these features)

HIP_HOP 10th June 2008 10:26 AM

1. I will try to change the settings of ac3 filter and i will write you.

2. Whenever I press play button on BSplayer Aero disabless. I have Bsplayer main console on Lcd monitor and Video window on TV.
Sometimes it happens that some program opens when you watching a movie.
Then movie stops playing and i must bring video window on LCD monitor press play button again and then move it back to TV. It becomes a little disturbing.

You wrote me that i can change the DShow render. If I understand you right DShow render is a codec.
I would be pleased if you could explain me what is the difference between EVR and VMR

Tizio 16th June 2008 09:21 AM

Unfortunately I can't test it in Vista, so I can't be of help any further to you, but I recommend you to try EVR rendering mode (CTRL+P -> Video -> Video rendering)

DirectShow is not a codec, is a set of APIs made available from Microsoft in their DirectX to allow programmers to do video rendering manipulation.. (achieve their application to render something to video)
Ok, mine is a really bad explanation, for better references:
Good reading

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