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cameage 23rd June 2008 08:37 AM

DVD playback bugs
Recently, BSPlayer has been giving me a lot of trouble when I try to play DVDs with it. To be specific, they play fine, but they stutter every few minutes, the audio never stays synced to the video, and the "next" button seems to have stopped working (it does nothing, and if I hit it enough times, I get an error). This third problem is definitely the most exasperating.

The first two problems may be due to a busy processor, but I doubt it, because my processor never seems to be busy when this is happening.

The weird thing about this is, I haven't done anything that would cause any of this. It just randomly started one day, and I hadn't updated BSPlayer or changed any settings or anything.

One more thing: I can't get BSPlayer to not load subtitles. When I start a file, subtitles are always automatically on. This is really annoying. I unchecked the "automatically load subtitles" option in the subtitles menu, and I even checked "disable subtitles", but they still load. Help.

BSPlayer PRO ver 2.27 build 959 Feb. 27, XP SP2

Tizio 23rd June 2008 09:02 AM

Mhm.. and which codecs are used to decode your DVDs?
with the DVD playing, right-click on BSplayer, then select Options -> Filters -> Advanced, then list here all the filters in there (Video, Audio, Splitter, etc.)

Plus are you sure that subtitles are not displayed by an external app (VobSub for example)?
When DVD starts do you go to DVD menu and disable subtitles from there too?

ATM I can't test DVD playback since I have no DVDs here with me :P

If you have still problems remember that as a BSplayer PRO user you can ask for technical support from BSP team members through a direct support channel: Contact BSplayer Support :wink:

cameage 23rd June 2008 08:13 PM

Default DirectSound device
CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD8) (this is the codec it says to download on the FAQs page to play DVDs)

Like I said, I haven't changed anything. These are the same filters that were on back before I was having problems.

As for external far as I can tell, there aren't any applications running that would load subtitles when I play DVDs. Definitely not VobSub, I don't have that on my computer. Are there any other applications that could do that?

Also, if I disable the subtitles from the DVD menu, they still come up anyway.

As for the "next" button, it turns out that it does work, but not on the last chapter. This is odd. It worked on the last chapter with Star Trek dvds, but not with Arrested Development dvds. My guess is that it varies from DVD to DVD. Speaking of "next", if I ever hit "next chapter", or use the actual next button on the player, a DVD will boot me to the main menu, and a movie file will stop.

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