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g00dz 17th October 2008 11:26 PM

Playlist Problem!
Hey. Recently switched to BS player after my Winamp mysteriously kept crashing.

Anyway, didnt have any problems with BS player, ran great. That was, until i decided to move the files i had on my local disk to my external hard drive.

Now when i loaded the directory and put the songs in my playlist, some play and some refuse to play.

When i open up the file manually in the folder, it works. It just doesnt work from the playlist...

Any help please? =/

Tizio 17th October 2008 11:50 PM

Really an odd thing...
Can't test this ATM, but does it happens with every new playlist you create?
Does the number of songs in the list matter or not?
Playing file types are the same as the non-playing ones?

g00dz 18th October 2008 02:31 AM

It is an odd thing!!

What i normally do is load every song on my computer on to the player..

I havent done much research on this, i just load and go..

Now i see that there is 1500 songs loaded on the player, something tells me the songs on my computer do NOT add up to exactly 1500 so im assuming there is only so many songs that the player can hold, and i have the max loaded.

Anyway, prior to sending the files to my external drive, every single file worked.. only i had about half of the songs loaded from my local drive, and half from the external.

So the same setup except the it was loaded from 2 drives.

Now it wont work all from 1 drive...

All the same file type (mp3) i dont listen to anything else!

video files react similarly.. they are assorted types, but again they all worked prior to this -_-

g00dz 18th October 2008 05:01 PM


Im ditching BS player for the new version of Winamp that now works. It plays all my files and keeps them in proper order unlike BS player.

Thanks for your help Tizio and no one else.

Geeeeez, over 100 views on this thread and no input what-so-ever hahaha...

good day.

Tizio 19th October 2008 01:52 PM

Well, 100 views doesn't mean your message got viewed by 100 registered users, maybe only 3 users read your message several times, or 90 unregistered users did so.. ;)

Other registered users may have not replied to your message since I already replied by posting some questions on an odd problem..

I can't test this since I haven't got so many songs, but maybe someone else can test if the problem is related to the number of them (maybe there's really a cap of 1500)
I can only create 1500 dummy files with the right extensions in order to be loaded, but by following this approach I can't test if there are playback oddities since all the files will be unplayable... :roll:

Ico-man 20th October 2008 09:55 AM

BS.Player does not have any limits on number of max. PL and ML items.

"Anyway, didnt have any problems with BS player, ran great. That was, until i decided to move the files i had on my local disk to my external hard drive."

Did you create new PL in BS.Player, since when you moved all the file to external disk, you changed all file paths?

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