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opicakuz 3rd July 2009 01:59 PM

Error - i can hear sound but there is no picture (movie)
when i will open some mpeg (maybee - win xp is typing BS player file) file i can hear only sound. There is no picture. If i have film with titles i can see only titles.

I have Codec Pack All in 1[hledano]=codec%20pack&g[oz]=

Please is there anybody who know something about it? Thank you very much.


opicakuz 3rd July 2009 02:17 PM

little add
I forgot... I tryed GSPOT ---> Codec(s) Installed
There is the same problem when i will reinstal BS Player
Same problem is in Windows Media Player too.

Thank's for your answerbacks.

BSPeter 3rd July 2009 09:28 PM

Don't doublepost! (
Further it seems that - lately - users again think it is a good thing to install codec packs. We've always advised against installing codec packs as the more codecs/filters/splitters etc. you install the harder it becomes to find out which one may cause a problem and why and/or what exactly may go wrong when problems occur. So my advice has always been and still is: don't install more than what is necessary.
You can also allow BS.Player (upon installation) to install the most common codecs/filters for BS.Player's "internal" use only.
Or you can do that later by using "codecmanager.exe" which you can find in BS.Player's installation folder.
From the info you provided I think you're missing a codec/filter for mpeg2 e.g. Elecard. However, alternatively ffdshow should be able to do the trick also. If you install to much "goodies" what may e.g. happen is that the splitter (video/audio) and the decoder/filter don't co operate.
Question: what (with such a videofile loaded) is shown under
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced
(also click on the individual items and on the [+]-signs to reveal more info)
[Those are the codecs/filters actually used by BS.Player for thàt particular file.]
Some posts concerning codecs/filters:

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