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Harry Lloyd 16th August 2009 02:44 PM

passthrough doesn't work
What do I have to do in order for 5.1 audio passthrough to work?

I tried with AC3Filter and ffdshow, in both cases nothing happens (playback doesn't start at all) after I click the play button. When I disable passthrough in these decoders, playback works fine (stereo PCM output).

That's definitely a BS.Player issue, because passthrough works flawlessly in Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic.

I chose the proper decoder and output in the player's configuration.
I'm using Vista x64.

BSPeter 16th August 2009 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Harry Lloyd (Beitrag 38319)
...I chose the proper decoder and output in the player's configuration.

Is it a secret which preferences/settings exactly you're referring to here?
To access BS.Player's preferences and change BS.Player's settings:
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences (...etc.)
To see and access the decoders/filters actually in use by BS.Player (so a media-file must be loaded) and change their settings if necessary ....
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced (... etc.)
(click on [+]-signs to reveal further info/access)

Harry Lloyd 17th August 2009 04:59 PM

For AC3 Decoding use: AC3Filter
Output: Digital Output Device (SPDIF)

As I said, AC3Filter is loaded in both cases (the tray icon also appears). When passthrough is enabled, playback doesn't start at all. When passthrough is disabled, playback is normal (but of course only stereo sound).

And as I said, passthrough works fine with WMP, MPC-HC or PowerDVD 9.

Harry Lloyd 25th August 2009 08:26 PM

Support really rocks here.

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