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Sepi 20th February 2003 07:33 PM

one simple feature request
Here is my idea for an improvement of a feature!! (would come very handy to me and a lot of my friends who share a similar problem)

Under subtitles option you can select a default directory from where the program reads subtitles if there aren't any in the movie root directory.

Here is my suggestion:

Instead of selecting a single directory you can select several (2 or 3)!
The program would then START looking for the subtitles in the FIRST selected directory then in the SECOND and IN THE END if there aren't any subtitles in the selected directory only then it would look in the movie root directory!


Selection: c:\subtitles;cdromdrive:\english;

If there are subtitles with the same name both on CD and Harddrive, The ones from the Harddrive (first selected directory) would be selected!

The subtitles on the harddrive are corrected or a better translation or have been additionally changed (framerate, delay) than the one BURNED ON THE MOVIE CD!!

This feature would be VERY handy!!

Please REPLY if you have a problem that requires a SIMILAR SOLUTION.
(more reply's = more interest by the programers to implement this feature)


Giton 5th March 2003 04:35 PM

Why don't you load the subtitles from harddisk manually?
Should work...

Sepi 5th March 2003 08:53 PM

Of course that works. But There is a problem: This PC is linked up to the TV and it has NO MOUSE and NO KEYBOARD ==> I would like it to be loaded AUTOMATICALLY.

ANY help or suggestion is very welcome.

Pollito 28th March 2003 01:48 PM

I believe you can do that already. a bsi file let you specify where the subtitles are read from. I'm not sure if it let you specify the drive letter (c:\subtitles) I have never tried it but if it works you could just leave your subtitles in the hard drive, burn the cd with the bsi file pointing to the subtitles on the hard drive and read them always from there.

Sepi 29th March 2003 06:54 PM

If I could burn the .bsi file to the CD then I could also burn the subtitle file I would like the movie to use!

==>back to the beginning of my problem: I have a CD with a subtitle
I CAN NOT burn anything to that CD, I would like to load another subtitle from the harddrive, my computer has NO MOUSE or KEYBOARD so i CAN NOT load anything manualy
==>it has to be loaded automaticaly (without adding information to the CD -cannot be burned)

HackerWerger 30th March 2003 12:40 PM

Create a new folder in your hard disk, make a BSplayer.ini file that specifies the subtitles folder of your movie and place my launcher and the BSplayer.ini into that folder. It's that simple!
However, there is no way to make BSplayer search into 2 or more different directories for the subtitles automatically.
My laucher's site is:
If you find it useful please tell me.

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