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kido.resuri 12th June 2010 03:46 PM

Two Monitors Plugins

I run Windows 7 with two monitors, one for the movie and one for work.
Windows 7 has a nice feature called Aero Peek or Aero Preview, which lets you preview the running applications by hovering the mouse on the task bar, etc. The problem is, it will hide BSPlayer's video window also on the other monitor which only shows the video. That's why i made my first plugin for BSPlayer, which will exclude the video window from this Aero feature.
This is the Anti-Peek Plugin.

So while the movie is running on one monitor, i can work, brows, etc on the second, but i usually want to see what's going on in the movie, so i made another plugin, which shows a second video window.
This is the Second Display Plugin.
It can be resized, moved to wherever you wish as the normal video window. It has a right click menu for accessing some features like always on top and automatic display on video play. You can also open it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F1 any time a video is playing.
You can also make it full-screen by double clicking or pressing 'f' while it is focused.
It saves it's position, size and settings under user\appdata\bsplayerpro.

Here you can download the plugins:

Hope you like it, i made them for myself mostly, so it's only tested on Windows 7.

Feel free to post your feedback.

kido.resuri 1st November 2010 10:40 PM

Nice community

kido.resuri 3rd April 2011 10:20 PM

With the newer versions of BS.Player, where there is a shade in the OSD, the preview will show blank untill the OSD is shown. To fix this, disable the OSD under bsplayer's Video properties (General properties), untill i find a fix for the preview.

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