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Scream 17th October 2010 02:18 PM

Best feature in the world...

As we all know, most people don't have enough processing power for bluray format.

I, for one, have 1.6ghz + 2gb RAM and 128mb(s3mirage) video, Windows XP sp3(assus laptop), and even 720p bluray (with any unnecessary program closed) uses 100% of my processor.

What if you would make a bootable operating system?
That would give a great boost of resources, given the fact that the operating system consumes precious resources.

What I mean exactly: a dos interface that allows you to start BS OS, consisting of a browsing button that allows the user to select a movie to play.

Nothing more than the absolute basics:
Only load/start usb, video and audio.
Maybe even talk to the authors of Ubuntu for a collaboration?

I'm sure that it wouldn't be easy, but if it is doable, and you indeed do it, bs player would recieve a great boost in users number.

adicoto 17th October 2010 05:11 PM

1. Here is The LiveCD List that exists at this moment. Linux and Windows. You can start Linux in console mode if you want.
2. On the other hand, few people don't have enough power to play a BR, as most of the last years (3-4) videocards are able do do hardware decoding instead of using CPU power.

Scream 22nd October 2010 05:21 PM

adicoto thanks for that list.

I've managed to bootup with MoviX and watch a 720p bluray without the sound getting out of sync with the image.

What I'm wondering now: is there any possible way to make bsp play bluray on weaker computers(video cards)?
I was thinking of something like playing it on a lower quality than it is?
Would that work in some way?

adicoto 22nd October 2010 05:58 PM

720p should work ok on your laptop if using internal rendered default overlay, CoreAVC with ALL processing disabled.

Scream 10th November 2010 08:41 AM

I'm very interested in 720p.
Would you put it in plain English, if I ask nicely?
Is default overlay equal to:
Options-> Video -> Rendering mode?
Right now this value is set to EVR.
And CoreAVC?
I wouldn't like to search google for it, because I may get erronated info.

And a related n00b question: would dvd's/bluray rips(480p which offer a very decent quality) quality decline?

adicoto 10th November 2010 11:37 AM

In video rendering, change from EVR to internal renderer overlay (default).
CoreAVC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is at this moment the lightest AVC (H264, VC1) decoder. 720p files come usually in MKV container with x264 codec or in WMV container with VC1 codec.
480p is a standard DVD quality, while 720p (720i), 1080p (1080i), 1440p are High Definition (HD) standards. If you can play a 720p, surely you can play 480p

480, 720, 1080....that means vertical resolution:

720p - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia means an horizontal resolution of 1280 pixels (1280x720 usually for 16:9 AR or 1280x544 for 2,35 AR)
1080p - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia means 1920x1080

P stands for Progressive scan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (the way picture is generated) while I is for Interlace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scream 10th November 2010 04:32 PM

Thank you very much for these wonderful explanations.

You probably misunderstood me. 480p(both dvd and brrips) work flawlessly.

It's the 720p that gives me troubles.
Some 720p work fine(usually cartoons, honestly).

I will try playing a 720p movie after changing the settings you've mentioned.

Thanks again.

adicoto 10th November 2010 04:42 PM

Usually cartoons are smaller (in terms of bytes and bandwith used to be decoded eg: 1:30h of cartoon goes to 2-2,5 GB while a movie is 4,5 GB) as they have artificial colours and therefore are less CPU consumers. Real footage in the nature and with fast movements...that's the hardest to decode.
After installing CoreAVC, set it's post processing options to minimal (none).

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