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polymorpher 9th March 2011 06:44 PM

Add Sound Volume Amplyfication to the main interface.
I saw the equalizer AMP options buried in the menu.

But why isn't a simple thing added to the slider volume controller?
Push it to a point its 100% of original you push it some more and it goes extra.
You can figure out the presentation on your own.

The least of which you can do is make the amp optional or default on the mouse scroll volume control.

That way people don't have to interrupt their film every time they need a little extra sound that their current output can't provide.

Not that ALT+G is somehow in the next universe but it isn't exactly user friendly either.

BSPeter 10th March 2011 03:12 AM

Are you using base skin? What's hidden about its Equalizer-button?

polymorpher 10th March 2011 03:42 AM

True I'm not using the default skin but you still have to open an entire menu to adjust sound and interrupt your self. And let me tell you when you got a sweat thing going on with the girlfriend the last thing you want is menu windows popping in to spoil the mood.

Its still stands that its reasonable to add at least optional AMP control to the mouse wheel controlling. Seriously who needs an entire equalizer? We don't use BS to play DJ with. We use it to have peace of mind - Not download and manually install annoying codec packs and sweeten the deal with an occasional subtitle being found directly by the player.

Other than a bit extra user-friendliness and usability players don't have much to compete on.
So if you'd rather people migrate from to so say VLC or something else when they end up needing a convenient amp that you don't even have a hotkey for its all the same to me. I don't have software for sale.

Overall a serious amount of internet traffic is replayable media. Half of it is pirated, and half of that is pathetically ripped and encoded. So I'm not the only person who's going to fall short on sound. But let me not cut into your marketing, I'm not getting paid for that.

Tizio 10th March 2011 01:58 PM

Yes, VLC has this option (up to 400% if I recall correctly), but its Volume control "philosophy" is completely different from the one implemented in BSplayer (or at least it was last time I checked)
What can be implemented in a matter of seconds in BS.Player (please, BST, correct me if I'm wrong) is a key definition for "Increase/Decrease Preamp volume" which affects EQ preamp slider.
This way you can assign (as an example) the "mouse wheel UP/DOWN + left click" shortcut to that action (just in case you want to preserve the wheel scroll for the volume actions)

polymorpher 11th March 2011 02:05 AM

Well you have to have something that does not answer "Here's a cow." to "I need so milk..." especially when somebody is watching their film.

Optionality is important I couldn't care less if you default it or not.

And speaking of hotkeys.
For god's sake people.

Do something with the ridiculous menu.
You are totally embarrassing your software.

Its like some lazy ass programmer took all the key bindings and poured them into a kitty litter box with alphabetical order.
Seriously you can't even CLEAR a key binding? How lame is that?

The least you can do Is add a clear key function and sort the key bindings in a relative manner so people don't have to traverse the menu for two relative options that ought to be next to each other.

You would even look more professional if the GUI sent the user to a 1 line notepad file for the key configs. Having a dysfunctional GUI for the job is just vile and sinister.

I was thinking of starting an entire thread for that. Its just embarrassing.

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