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player_lover 18th June 2003 01:07 AM

Feature request : Frame by frame mode
It would be nice to have this feature : to be able to advance frame by frame , at least for avi files and/or mpeg.

player_lover 21st June 2003 05:55 PM

Just wanted to bring this topic back. Sorry for that.

My idea was to have 2 keys, each one of them will make the player go in pause mode and: one of them will make the movie advance one frame each time it's pressed and another that will make the movie go back one frame each time it's pressed.

What would be that good for? Well, I like watching fansubbed animes. The problem with these fansubbs is that they try to put a lot of explanations on the screen that don't last enough for me to read them all. So, the possibility to go back frame by frame to the scene with a lot of text explanations would be great.


adicoto 21st June 2003 09:22 PM

Have you tried to slow down the speed ? Is easier.

bst 21st June 2003 09:39 PM

You can step frame by frame if you press Pause and then Left and Right keys.
Back will go only to the point when pause was pressed.
I could add to go back but it will be very slow, because most decoders don't supprt back play.

player_lover 28th June 2003 09:50 PM

Thank you for that answer... :) indeed, it works that way... haven't noticed it yet.
Thanks for the reply! :D

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