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theONE 10th July 2003 04:47 PM

Resuming subtitle file
I dont know if it is already in this nice program,
but i dont think so

ive seen it in DSD (DivX Subtitle Displayer).

It goes like this:

Youve only one subtitle file with all the subtitling in it.
But the movie has more files( or cds)
So what i like to see, is if ive loaded the 1 file subtitle and ive seen the first part of the movie, that i can select the 2nd part of the movie and that the subtitle begins on the point in the subtitle file where the 1st part ended

Besides: i know there are 2cd subtitles, but not all 2cd (or more) movies are cutted on the same place, so life should be a lot easier

i hope that i see the feature in the next release :wink:


but only 0 replies :S

come on, respond plz

redpaul 27th July 2003 09:49 AM

VobSub Cutter
Use VobSub subtitles. Just write down the time when the 1 cd is over and use this value to cut subtitle file. It's easy and intuitive.

(First time in this forum)

theONE 7th August 2003 08:00 PM

I know, but it is time consuming to split them all up, and it shouldnt be hard to create a resume function i think

plz reply, i really want that function, its very handy

redpaul 8th August 2003 10:41 AM

Gordian Knot 0.28.5
Gordian Knot 0.28.5 has a new special button to auto-split the VobSub. It's not time consuming at all, believe me!

BSPeter 8th August 2003 11:32 PM

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Isn't there an ini_files.htlm in a subdir "doc" of your BSPlayer's installation directory?

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