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flippy 19th October 2003 10:48 AM

Load subtitles in playlist
You should be able to load subtitles in the playlist so that when you play a move that is 2cds or more you can just add all the movie files and then left click on them or something and load the correct subtitle file for that avi. That way you dont have to use the pc when the first file is done and you want to see the second part of the movie.

If this is allready possible please tell me how becous this is a must fort apps like this if you use subtitles.

trodas 19th October 2003 05:45 PM

If you have the subtitle named EXACTLY as the movie and into the same directory, as the movie is, just with subtitles extension (i using MicroDVD format only and txt as extension) then BSplayer load it - ofcourse - automaticaly, dude.
Not a problem with this are there.
Just play the first par, enqueue the second and things working smoothly :wink: 8)

(well, there are a bug with subtitles, actually, and it happen when you twice load the same file, then subtitles are second time not shown, but it don't get fixed or being even known much, because this way most ppls dont use movies, hehe :lol: )

Sintel 20th October 2003 03:52 PM

you can do that with .bsi files
documentation is included with the player

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