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RCSP 19th November 2018 04:01 AM

Feature Requests
Clicking MENU and trying to change the playback rate takes FOREVER. I am watching a video of myself riding my motorcycle over a log. I want to speed up the video until I appear in the frame, then slow it to 10% of normal. Then as soon as I am over the log I want to watch it again. Going over the log takes maybe 3 seconds at normal speed. So if I slow the video down to 10% it takes forever until I appear in the frame. Need a hotkey to change the speed to whatever speed I like, then a hotkey to return to normal speed. Then I'd like to rewind back 3 seconds, not 10 seconds. The interval has to be adjustable, how about ALT 1 is plus 1 seconds and ALT SHIFT 1 is minus 1 second, then have ALT 1-9. Is there a toolbar with buttons available for speed and advancing or rewinding? Using the menu takes forever, it's horrible.

Is there an easy way to save a portion of a video?

I could go on for an hour I have a ton of suggestions :)

adicoto 20th November 2018 12:28 PM

Options -> preferences -> general -> bottom right you have seconds to jump. Feel free to input any number of seconds that suits you.

F5, F6 and shift+F5 / Shift+F6 can also help you.
When playing a video at an alterate speed, if you stop and restart video, playback speed restore to normal

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