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lwc 21st January 2004 10:56 AM

Please leave my registry alone
You see, version 1 doesn't really use the registry, but it does leave there some useless entries , which do nothing else than make the system be aware that BSPlayer was installed there at some point. Yet the whole point of providing a ZIP version is the possibility to have a clean, "invisible" program that doesn't leave footprints behind.
This allows me to take it anywhere without starting to install/uninstall/remove leftovers.

I've just downloaded the pre 1 version (because I too have encountered the infamous bug of not allowing to see subtitles on TV for movies which horizontal line is not a multiple of 64...) and I could only find its EXE version, so I assume there's no ZIP one.
Anyway, so not only does the old one can't just be put on a computer and put to work "just like that", but it uses the registry for settings too.

So what I'm saying is: those two problems (well, at least the registry storing, because, like I said, maybe there WAS a ZIP version too) were fixed in v1.

So can't you finish the "revolution" and make the great program leave my registry completly alone?


BSPeter 21st January 2004 11:38 PM

Re: Please leave my registry alone

Originally Posted by lwc
..........I could only find its EXE version, so I assume there's no ZIP one.............

With respect to latest version, also a .zip format version is available at bst's (i.e. the creator of BSPlayer) official download site. With respect to versions in .zip or .exe, have a look at this post.

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