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bluedan 5th August 2002 06:08 PM

bsplayer and subtitles and tag support (and OGM)
There have been several requests for html tag support in bsplayer for SubRipper files (.srt). This has been introduced by Tobias Waldvogel with his OGG Subtitle Parser supporting (b)old (i)talic (u)nderlined in SubRipper files muxed into OGM files. As this filter is unfortunately buggy - I'm not able to play back an OGM file with that parser installed even if it contains subtitles which you have to mux with the filter present - people are looking for alternatives: Vobsub 2.16 (last version I know of) is able to play srt subs that have been muxed to OGM file, but it does not support the tags. Not yet. BSplayers own engine is able to play the srt files as well (even muxed), but not the tags.
And here's the workaround: MVD sub format has been supporting this for a long time. It just looks a bit different with the tags' grammar. Fortunately, BSPlayer is able to translate those tags in MVDsub file!
Be aware that some subtitle converters do not support those tags for MVD!! E.g. Subadjust. Don't use them for converting!
Instead SubRip 1.02 itself is able to! Load SubRip file into SubRip and change output format to MVD sub. Now watch out for the tags in that file: {y:b} or {y:i} or {y:u}. It merely works linewise. So no "turn-off" tags like in srt.
For more info:
And bonus is that you don't have to install OggSubtitleParser temporarely for muxing purposes anymore.
But it doesn't mean that we don't need tag supprt for srt files anymore, BST!
We're still hungry...

FeƱiz 6th August 2002 10:24 AM

Ok, it's a good solution for the moment.

But I hope BSPlayer would be able to support itself tags for SRT subtitles in the future ;)

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