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Poppu 22nd February 2004 11:54 PM

SPC Support
Hi!!! :)
First, thanks for this incredible player!
It's my favorite one and I just love it!!! That's great!
I would like BS Player to be able to play SPC files (Super NES musics from ZSNES emulator). There is a plugin for Winamp, but i'd like to listen it with my BS :D

Could you make it? Or does somebody know how to listen SPC with BS? Thanks!!!

If it can help, here a page with the Winamp plugin and some SPC..

PS : sorry for my english, I'm french ;)

drpopsicle 27th February 2004 08:19 AM

hey there ! i've also been using the snesAMP for spc files on my computer for a while and i must say it's a great plugin ! however you are using some old code there :D

may i recommend the following site:
there you will find the 3.1 version of snesAMP (which is a major improvement compared to what ? v2.10 ? holy cow ! for all your classic OSTs :D

enjoy :d

as for support for bsplayer.... i'm using bsplayer for video files only as there seems to be some problems with OGG files and winamp playlist editor in 5.0 ans up is fully customizable (font and font size makes for a more efficient playlist than bsplayer (sizewise....because bsplayer royally kicks winamp ass in pretty much everything else....)

i just wish the two of them merged :d (drools)

Poppu 27th February 2004 11:38 PM

Thanks for the link!!! I hope that someday BS Player will be able to play them, or to support Winamp Plugin such as SNES amp.
Anyway, thanks for the help :)

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