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Dmitry Koteroff 3rd March 2004 04:33 AM

Move logical screen center
I use pan-screen buttons (scale in and out) while watching movies on TV (it is very, very useful!). "Pan *" scales picture relative to the screen center. But in my TV logical screen center is about 15-20 pixels upper than physical. Then, if I try to maximize movie vertically, the black band still exists at the bottom of TV screen, when the upper side of movie is in the higher position.

I'd like to ask you to add addition buttons (4 or at least 2) to move logical screen center to zoom relative to it. This center must be saved globally for full-screen mode, not for personal AVIs.

I tried to use "Move picture *", "Zoom *", "Resize movie window *" and "Free resize *" - they do not exactly what I need. And their settings are reset just after I press "Pan *" buttons.

There is a bug with all of these four groups of buttons: when I use, for example, "Zoom in", picture grows only in the current visible frame (its bottom side is cut in this example). I have to stop and then again start the movie to make video occupy the new position/size and to show previously cut portion.

Strange 6th March 2004 10:55 AM

Yes, I'd love this...
It's annoying to change the "center" of the movie manually for each movie.

Also an option to manually save every option related to the picture( PanScan, zoom, picture position and subtitle, resolution, etc.) to a file.
and if that file has the same name of a video, and it's in the same folder of the video file... bsplayer automatically loads it and applies every saved option.

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