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mephiska 10th April 2004 05:57 PM

Pan & Scan default settings in playlist

I'm pretty pleased with 807 of BS player and have been using it as my primary player now. One little thing that's been irking me though is the way playlist handles pan & scan settings. I play movies on a TV using a Scando scan converter, which overscans the image and cuts off the outer edges. To fix this, I pan out just a bit to -4% or so. This works fine and with the "remember pan & scan" setting clicked in preferences, it stays this way when I open & close new movies. The problem I find though is when using the playlist and as soon as the next video in the queue comes up, the pan & scan setting goes back to zero unless I've gone in and manually changed them in the list to "as previous".

Can you add a feature to set the default playlist behavior? This would be good for both the zoom and pan & scan options, to allow users to set the default setting for all movies added to the playlist (default to "auto" or "as previous", or blank, do nothing).

Thanks for the fantastic player!

neviden 21st April 2004 12:22 PM

Have you tried ffdshow -> properties -> resize & aspect -> black border -> horizontal ?

This adds black border which get croped in ovescan.. it hellped me..

mephiska 23rd April 2004 09:28 PM

That's nice, but it only works if I'm using the ffdshow codec, and for XVID I use koepe's build since it handles xvid better than ffdshow.

Ideally there should be a way to change the default action for the two dropdown boxes for the playlist.

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