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Netghost 16th June 2002 04:43 PM

BivX and ini file
When I use the ini file (BivX with two languages embeded + 5 external subtitles +chapter information) the command line bsplay "movie.bsi" -as2 does select the correct language. Is something wrong in the way I´m doing or is it a problem with bsplayer.
It will be nice to have the possibility to change the default language/ subtitle on the command line in order to make it works with a launcher (language selection feature like on a DVD, and the possibility to change on the fly during viewing)


Smarties 17th June 2002 09:28 PM

Get CDA!
You don't need the command line parameters.
Make BSI or INI files instead and use a launcher called "Compact Disk Autorun".

Read how to use that program (and download it) here.

The official site (here) seems to be down for the moment. :cry:

If you want more informations, I posted a little tutorial on how I make my movie CDs here

Finally, be aware that BSPlayer does NOT handle multiple CD movies correctly yet.
I hope very much this will be fixed soon!!

Good luck!

Cheers, Smarties :P

Netghost 17th June 2002 11:45 PM

Yes may be CDA can do this, but I don´t like this program.
I made a bsi file, but you can´t change the default audio and subtitle dynamicly. Because I want to make a autorun program that is very close to a DVD with a pictured selection of the language. To do this I have to handle the switches or may be use the DDE (I don´t know if it is possible with bsplayer)?

Smarties 18th June 2002 01:13 PM

I think you want 2 different things here:
1. to start a movie with a specific audio/subtitle setting
2. change this setting on the fly while the movie is playing.

For 1, you can do that by using CDA. Make a different INI file for each
audio / subtitle setting and assign them to buttons (you can also make
submenus for buttons, so you can specify for example for one
button english soundtrack and add the submenus no subtitles/english
subtitles/german subtitles/french subtitles, etc...)

Specify bsplayer.exe as the program to run, and XXXX.INI as the parameter.

For 2, you can change audio streams and subtitles on the fly in BSPLayer!
You only have to specify the settings in the INI file.

Read my tutorial (I linked it in my earlier reply) to find out how.

BSPLayer + CDA absolutely RULE - they go along perfect together!

Cheers, Smarties :P

PS: The newest version of CDA is 2.1 but I don't know where you can
get it now that the official site is down :cry: If you want I could post it
here (if the forum acceptsy attachments)

Netghost 18th June 2002 02:19 PM

thx for your reply smarty !
Thx also for your tuturial that is really a good help,

1)however making 8 or more inifile for simply launch CDA or another launcher is really not very efficient. The support of the switches together with inifile will be really better.
Only one ini file without default language and subtitle (of course you can set one) and overwriting this default settings with the switches that can change this very easily. So you can simply link each button of CDA or another using :
button 1 : bsplay film.ini -as2
button 2 : bsplay film.ini -as1
This would be more efficient

2)to change no the fly I know thx ;)

Smarties 20th June 2002 01:48 PM

Hey Netghost - thanks!

I never thought to mix INI files and command parameters...
I'll definitely have to try this out!

You are right of course, my method was not exactly efficient! :lol:

Cheers, Smarties :P

xlv600 21st June 2002 04:06 AM

:wink: HelaMonster opened a temporary free WebSite at Geocities. Here you could find cdabeta.rar which is CDA in v2.11 beta state but it seems that Geocities don't let us download rar files. :cry:

I've already sent 2 e-mails to the author with no answer till now. :(

But DivX-Digest keeps a copy of v2.1 on this page

xlv600 24th June 2002 11:55 AM

CDA upgrade
You maybe happy to learn that CDA v2.11 is know available on

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